Happy August 1st!

Good morning, boneheads!

August is usually the longest month without any hockey news, but it’s also almost September. And that’s when we start having some hockey.

The most puzzling news around, at least to me, is that uncle Lou is about to sign Nazem Kadri. If it’s true, it would be so much against what Lou has done in his career. First of all, they have Barzal-Nelson-Pageau-Sizikas in the middle, all signed to sizeable contracts. Second of all, he is going to pay around $8M for Kadri, probably for 5-6 years. I actually hope he does sign him.

Moving on..

Good morning, Boneheads!

So Tkachuk deal is done. I don’t think it was even discussed on some serious level between Calgary and NY, but I have no doubt Drury made a call, at the very least.

It’s hard to judge who won that trade. Florida got the best player in that deal, who is still 24 and signed long term, so I guess they got the better end of it. But Calgary got back two very good, and very productive players, albeit for a short term. I’m sure they’ll try to sign them.

For the record, if I am a GM and have to surrender what Florida surrendered for Tkachuk, I do it in a heartbeat.

Qualifying offers expired yesterday, by the way

It’s Go Time!

Good morning, boneheads!

Even though it officially starts at noon, the drama is already unfolding. A few signings at eleventh hour last night, including Malkin signing in Pittsburgh.

The rest of it is just speculations at the moment. There will be a few unofficial announcements before noon, but nothing can be registered by the league before that. Including RFA/UFA signings, QO acceptance, and Offer Sheets signings.

Drury didn’t make a big splash last year, but it turned out to be very good for this club. Let’s see what happens today.

Georgiev traded for three picks

Much, much, much more than anybody predicted. I was hoping for a 4th rounder. Georgiev was going to become an UFA on July 13, no doubt. There is no way Drury would qualify Georgiev at $2.65M because Georgiev would almost certainly accept it. The Rangers can’t afford a backup for that money.

Drury did exceptionally well. Except Sakic is no slouch. He wins a lot of trades, and just finished building a SC Champion. Still, two thirds and a fifth is a lot. So there is something we don’t know yet. Sakic absolutely has an idea of what Georgiev would want. A few possibilities there. One, there is a contract coming soon. Two, both Sakic and Georgiev are comfortable with $2.65M number, play this year and see how this works for the future. Three, maybe Georgiev is a part of a bigger trade that Sakic is working on.

Regardless, nobody gives up 3 picks for a player who’d become an UFA in less than a week. Something is already in place.

I’m not doing Go Time for the Draft tonight. Baring a significant trade, the Rangers aren’t doing anything until around noon tomorrow.

Happy July 1st!

Good morning, Boneheads!

July 1st is usually pretty busy for me. And it used to be very entertaining and busy in hockey world. I remember the days when Wicky would keep me updated on every single signing and trade while I was running around dealing with a new group of residents. Well, today is still the first day of a new academic years, with new residents (who seem to be getting younger and younger) looking like deer in headlights, but I’m hoping this is the last July 1st without being what July 1st used to be in hockey.

First Buy-Out Period Begins today. I don’t expect them to be active on tat front.

I am posting my calculation of their Salary Cap as of today. I am aware it’s been posted a few different times already, and I am not trying to copy anyone, so don’t get your boxers in a bunch 🙂 This is just for general reference, and in one visible place.


  1. Panarin $11, 642.857
  2. Zibanejad $8,500.000
  3. Kreider $6,500.000
  4. Goodrow $3,641.667
  5. Chytil $2,300.000
  6. Reaves $1,750.000
  7. Blais $1,525.000
  8. Lafreniere $925.000
  9. Kravtsov $875,000
  10. Rydahl $750,000
  11. Hunt $762,000
  12. Kakko $ $2M

Total $41,171,524


  1. Fox $9,500.000
  2. Trouba $8,000,000
  3. Lindgren $3,000,000
  4. Miler $925,000
  5. Schneider $925,000

Total $22,350,000


1.Shesterkin $5,666,667

Total $5,666,667

Buyouts: $3,427,778

Performance bonuses:

  1. Lafreniere $2,850,000
  2. Miller $400,000
  3. Schneider $400,000

Total $3,650,000

Performance bonuses cushion this season is $6,187,500 (7.5% of $82.5M), so no penalty this year. In fact, even if they play all their ELC players at the same time, they still be under the cushion. So, yeah, no bonus penalty.

Total Cap Hit (12 forwards, 5 D, one goaltender) :


Salary Cap 2022:


Current Cap Space:


Obviously, my estimation assumes Nemeth (along with a sweetener) is traded, and Kakko is signed for presumptive $2M contract (one year or a bridge)

They will need to add 2 D men. I think they will go with 22 player roster. I’ll add $2M total for both. They will need a back up. Another $1M, give or take.

That leaves around $6M to sign a 2nd line center with a little ( $850K ) wiggle room for injuries and call ups.