Rangers-1, Flames-4

Good Morning all. I didn’t get to see the game last night so I can’t really react to the loss.

I do want to say something though. I may not be as articulate or well received as ILB and  I don’t have some perfectly elegant way of describing my feelings about what was going on in the comments section last night. Nor do I have magic words that will put people in their place or make them apologetic. But I will say this: It made me sick. And had ILB read it he would have been sick too.

We are an interesting bunch here and we discuss or joke about a wide variety of nonsense sometimes. And truth be told we have our moments where things get out of hand, heated or downright inappropriate. Last night was one of those times and the content that was being posted really shouldn’t happen again. This blog isn’t the most well maintained site on the internet but the comments section has always been an enjoyable experience for any and all fans that want to partake in it. I’ll be damned if anyone will ever be made to feel like they aren’t welcomed here because of what is written on it. Hope you all have a great start to your week.

From RR2:

Good morning, Boneheads. That’s just about the kind of game you want to see this year. We played good and hard but still lose. You’d like to see a bit more finish, but the effort and the control of the game was there.

Carp’s Review:


Rangers-3, Capitals-4 (OT)

Good morning boneheads. I refuse to use an exclamation point not only because it would seem like I’m trying to be ILB but also because nothing bugs me more than watching my team get enough chances to win a hockey game and finding a way to lose.

The effort has been better but the lack of finish will be (is) their downfall this season. They had the opportunity in and beyond the first period to really put Washington back on their heals and build a lead but opportunity without finish isn’t how you win in this league.

I’m certainly not impressed with their work on special teams. Their PP hasn’t been anything special. Their PK has been putrid. I get why he doesn’t fit anymore but I don’t think people appreciated what a weapon Michael Grabner and his speed had been the last two seasons on the penalty kill. They certainly have work to do and they may need it out of somebody from Hartford if they’re going to right that ship.

Anyhow, here’s Carp’s review:



The boys are in Washington tonight for the first match up of the year against the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

Lundqvist back in net tonight after the 3-2 shootout victory (BCATGAHE) over the Avalanche for their second win of the season (2-4-)

If I had to guess I’d say Hank was probably pretty persuasive in convincing Quinn to start him tonight. Even if he wasn’t the numbers don’t lie: 53-23-7 with a 2.66 GAA, .909 save percentage and nine shutouts in the second game of B2Bs.

With that said you have to wonder if Georgiev should go down to Hartford for a few starts to stay on his game.


ICYMI, Buchnevich is back in the line up tonight replacing Cody McLeod who played pretty effectively in his 5 minutes of TOI last night.

Rangers-3, Avalanche-2 (OT/SO)

Good Morning, Boneheads! Hope you enjoyed that game last night because if the Rangers are going to beat some teams this season it’s going to have to look like that most nights. Very Torts-era kind of win. The offense which has been pretty underwhelming from the start didn’t look all that great again. Still too … Continue reading “Rangers-3, Avalanche-2 (OT/SO)”

Good Morning, Boneheads! Hope you enjoyed that game last night because if the Rangers are going to beat some teams this season it’s going to have to look like that most nights. Very Torts-era kind of win.

The offense which has been pretty underwhelming from the start didn’t look all that great again. Still too many guys trying to do too much out there while others just don’t seem to have the appropriate level of compete. With that said they seemed to finally adapt a bit to DQ’s style and put up a pretty solid defensive effort (reminiscent of those dominant road wins they used to pull off a couple of seasons ago IMHO)

May be a good time to rehash the Lundqvist argument: Did his numbers dip the last 2-3 years because the defense in front of him weakened? Can’t answer that but I will say this- he’s looked quicker and more focused even without the notches in the win column and that’s what they’ll need from him to have a chance every night.

Finally, I’ll eat a bit of crow and give some recognition to McLeod who made the most of his 5 minutes of TOI. He was engaged, went to the net and took a tough shot from Landeskog’s stick drawing the 4 minute double minor. We’ll have to wait and see if Quinn makes any changes to his lineup tonight.

HAV or not, We’ll have a GO TIME! at 7PM


Here’s a link to Carp’s review of last night:



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RR2 here. The last post was getting too long, so here is a new post for your new posting needs.

Ilb is going to be away for a little while as he unfortunately has to tend to more sad business at home. Me, James, and CCCP will keep you covered in his absence.

Game tonight against the Avalanche, 7 PM start.