Rangers 3, Canadiens 2 (OT)

Great effort from the boys last night after a shaky first period.

As Dan Girardi repeatedly turned the puck over as if he was being paid by the mafia, as Marc Staal had the awful turnover that led to the Montreal goal, and as Brady Skjei continued to excel in this series, all I can think is please tell me why we need more stay at home liabilities, er, I mean, defensemen instead of puck movers.

Also, Lundqvist was tied for your first star, but I didn’t think he was that good. First goal was really soft, second goal wasn’t that much better, and he didn’t really face much pressure after the first period.

Vote totals were much better! Almost 50 voters.

My Three Rangers Stars:

  1. Rick Nash
  2. Mika Zibanejad
  3. Jimmy Vesey

Your Three Rangers Stars:

  1. Henrik Lundqvist, Rick Nash (tie)
  2. Mika Zibanejad

Rangers at Canadiens… It’s Go Time!

Game 5, Eastern Conference Quarter Finals

Series tied at 2-2.

Rangers vs. Canadiens -7:00 PM MSG, USA, 98.7 FM. Online streaming is available on nbcsportss.com or the NBC Sports app. Be warned, it’s not Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro anymore. It’s Chris Cuthbert and… Pee air.

The Rangers bounced back in a big way in game 4, putting forth an effort that would have seen them sporting no less than a 3-1 advantage had they put it forth over the entire series.  That being said, they still only scored 2 goals, the PP is still 0 for the series, and Stepan, Hayes, Zibanejad, Miller, and especially Kreider have to be much better.

I’ll be watching tonight’s game on a delay because of parenting responsibilities. Doesn’t RR Jr. know that it’s the playoffs!? I didn’t even edit this part from the last game.  Clearly, this is a HAV.

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