The Big Guy

By George Grimm

My father used to call me whenever the Rangers made a big trade, so on the night of November 2nd, 1979 the phone rang and I heard him say two words: Bar-ry Beck, stressing each syllable for emphasis. Pop was happy. So were a lot of other Ranger fans. The Blueshirts had finally gotten the big physical defenseman they needed and perhaps the player that would lead them to the Promised Land.
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Rangers-Devils in Review

Today’s review is provided by niceguyinsports. Great job!

I’ve visited Prudential Center exactly once. My significant other and I had attended two Rangers games at MSG on the same trip and figured we would check the place out. I grabbed cheap seats on Ticketmaster well in advance thinking the Devils might sell out their inaugural season in Newark, but I was very mistaken. To be fair, it was one of those weekday matchups against West Coast teams that Carp likes to denigrate. I still found the cavernous nature of “The Rock” humorous. We crammed onto a crowded PATH train and survived the trip as well as the game. Later, only she saved me from mistakenly choosing a Trenton-bound track (the red jerseys should have been a dead giveaway) when we wanted to reach our hotel near New York Penn Station.

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Rangers 1, Maples Leafs 1. Then BCATHGE.

For the second game in a row, overtime ends in a wild and entertaining sequence before the game is ruined with the skills competition.

Bring back ties.

That ice was terrible and it made connecting passes difficult, but that doesn’t excuse some of the terrible passing decisions, particularly on the breakout, by the Rangers. Although that backhand pass by Zuccarello to Miller on his OT breakaway was absolute wizardry. For every bit as good as that pass was, Miller’s breakaway was bad.

HAV at it, boys. Next week we are going to have some gems from George Grimm.

I need a volunteer for a review on Saturday.