Poll results

While we are still waiting to see who is going to play Florida (Dallas is hanging in there, still), our poll post was getting too long. There are some good discussions in that post, and I do have my opinion on most of them, but until I can participate in that discussion for some length, I’ll refrain.

As far as our poll results..
Knoblauch is leading the list, followed closely by Quenneville, and then Sullivan. Laviolette, Sutter and Boudreau received no votes at all.
As Seinfeld said to Izzy one day:”I don’t know how official any of these rankings really are…”

Your choice?

Conference Finals are in full swing with teams up 2-0 in each conference. I think Dallas deserves much, much better. Florida, on the other hand, earned it even though both games went to OT. They are the better team thus far.

A lot of ramblings about who would be the Rangers new head coach, so I compiled this list of possible candidates and would like to see who would be your preferred coach. It’s quite possible that the new coach isn’t even on this list.

Enjoy the game tonight. I love watching Tkachuk, Barkov, Bennett, Reinhart and Bobrovsky play hockey the right way.

Conference Finals begin tonight..

Good morning, boneheads!

Four teams are still standing. A year ago the Rangers were one of them. This year they belong to the remaining 28. Except they have the worst structured roster, facing the worst cap situation, are the oldest team in the league, have the worst possible prospects, their GM has no idea about hockey, etc.. 🙂 At least according to many Rangers fans, and not necessarily on this blog only.

Metropolitan Division was the strongest one in the league from the get-go, so one part of me wants Carolina to win. Another part of me, however, wants Florida. Just to prove that sometimes not being afraid of making one or two bold moves pays off big time. Plus, it’s hard not to root for Matthew Tkachuk. Because the way he, and his brother, play hockey is how this game should be played.

As far as rooting for many former Rangers to win it this year? Meh…Couldn’t care less. They are an afterthought the moment they change the sweater.

ECF Set: Panthers vs. Canes

Once again disproving the theory that everything in the NHL is a conspiracy, we will have a battle of small market teams fighting for a chance to go to the Cup final.

The Panthers may be the team to beat now in this tournament. Give them credit for the effort and the team wide buy in to doing what it takes. Proof again that if you’re built for the post season you don’t need 60 regular season wins to make something happen in the post-season.

and speaking of being built for the regular season, when do they finally see some fall out in Toronto? Dubas went for it this year and I give him credit for that. It may cost him and Keefe their jobs. But this is why I say you can’t just throw in the missing element at the deadline and everything’s okay. There was little cohesion and it showed in this series. Time to sacrifice some of the regular season highlight players for guys that get the job done when it counts and start remolding that team.

just my two cents, carry on.

Breaking News: Rangers and Gallant agree to part ways

Well, I guess where there is smoke there is fire. It was announced today that Gallant will not be back as head coach next season.

Reports are that this decision was made after exit interviews and a conversation between coach and GM . Essentially Drury felt there was a need for a new voice.

Gallant had two very good regular seasons here but has the reputation for wearing out his welcome so it’s not a total surprise. Known to be a players coach, it just makes me wonder what kind of voice Drury is looking for as a replacement. My guess is that it’s more about structure and the systematic approach that Gallant was said not to have.