Quinn Fired: Now What?

We are going to need a new post by the morning anyhow so I figured I’d offer some thoughts.

First, ICYMI- here’s Carp’s rather blunt take on today’s news. To say he doesn’t have confidence in this situation is an understatement.


Second, as it’s been discussed by yous guys already, there are conflicting reports about the lead candidate for the coaching position.

Don La Greca stating earlier this afternoon that Torts is likely the guy despite his reputation. At the same time Larry Brooks says it’s Galllant (who has about as many wins in his career as Torts has since leaving NY in 2013). Brooks points out that Gallant isn’t really known for implementing structure which is seemingly one of the big things this team needs. So there’s that to consider as well.

You can make a case for and against both as well as other candidates such as Bob Hartley and Bruce “regular season” Boudreau, but I don’t know which way this goes. Obviously the pressure is on Drury as the playoff mandate is front and center. Additionally this will seemingly dictate the personnel moves made to improve this roster. But I’ll say this again: the most important thing for this team going forward IMHO is a coach that will implement structure, a systematic approach, some versatility and an identity for this very young team. A guy that can prepare them not just for the ups and downs of the regular season but prepare them for the pressure they’ll be under next season and beyond. David Quinn worked on bringing some of these guys along individually. Now they need to become a team.

Rangers-5, Boston-4 (updated)

It figures they pull this one off with half the roster on the shelf.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m glad this season is over. For a 56-game schedule it was drama packed, frustrating at times and we’re going into the offseason with about as many questions as we did after “the letter”.

I just want to say thanks to all of you guys for your contributions this year. I think we made the best of a crazy season and I love discussing this team with all of you guys- especially the ones I give the most grief to and break balls with(you know who you are) because you’re the ones I have the utmost respect for and whose opinions I value.

ILB will be back when work settles down a bit but for now we’ll keep fresh posts up when needed and keep up with any significant news.

here’s Carp:


ICYMI, Drury signed Ryan Lindgren to a three-year 9 million dollar extension.

Here’s Carp’s latest:


Rangers-2, Washington-4 (Updated)

I’m going to poach C3’s new post.

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What a circus. I’m not sure what you take from that game but I’m glad it’s over with.

Obviously there’s going to be quite a bit to talk about in the coming weeks as the direction of the team becomes more clear. 

Just a heads up, with ILB’s recent work schedule and such he’s asked Wicky, C3 and I to oversee things for a bit with the season drawing to an end. We’ll do our best to keep everything in order and have new posts/news and the usual banter for you guys.

here’s Carp’s take on things: