It’s Go Time!

The contest is now closed.

Rangers ( 27-25-5 ) vs Islanders ( 27-25-6 ). TV-MSG.

I didn’t realize it was that bad. Denial is a strong thing. The Islanders are 9-1-0 in their last 10 games against our boys, including 2-0-0 this season. Apparently, last time they beat the Fishsticks was the opening night of last season. Holy shahlik!

If I recall correctly, last time these two met the Rangers registered ugotz in the hit column. Matthew Barzal was running amok without being touched, let alone hit, and made them pay big time.

It’s definitely time to win one!

If you’re still watching the standings, this is a 4 point game, even though the most points both teams can get combined is 3. But not less than 2. Can’t get 1 or 4…Ok, I’m going to stop right here.

I believe for the first time in a while, Carp is traveling to an away game. Since it’s to Brooklyn, I’m not sure we should congratulate him. 🙂

Same lineup. Carey prucha’d. Hank in net.


The Athletic Subscription Contest

Let’s try this one.

The winner gets a one year subscription to the Athletic. If the winner already has one, it can be gifted to someone else you know. All I would need is a valid email address which will be used to sign in to the Athletic website. The contest starts now and will go until the Go Time post at 6:30 pm

Some rules.

1. Same as the last contest. I don’t have time to go through hundreds of posts, and check IP addresses for double entries. So if you never posted on Rangers Report 2 ( since Doodie took over), your entry won’t be counted. Apologies in advance, but that’s the only way to avoid spending too much time judging the contest.

2. This one is easy.

– Pick the score. It has to be exact. Not closest. Not margin of victory

– First tiebreaker: Game winning goal

– Second tiebreaker: Rangers’ shots. This one can be the closest, but WITHOUT GOING OVER

– Third tiebreaker: Islanders’ shots. Again, it can  be the closest, but WITHOUT GOING OVER

3.  Can you, bozos, PLEASE copy and paste my entry and make your own changes? It’s just so much easier for me to score it.

Rangers 20, Islanders 1

GWG: Grabner

Rangers shots: 60

Islanders shots: 2

Good luck, and have fun.