Bruins at Rangers … It’s Go Time!

Game 7

Bruins at Rangers – 8 PM NBCSN, 98.7 FM ESPNNY

No poll after the game until I can figure out how, if I can ever figure it out.  This is clearly a half-assed venture. Feel free to list your three stars in the comments and I’ll do my best to aggregate them into a list.

Tonight’s probable lineup for the Rangers (4-2), as per Steve Zipay (@stevezipay)

Jimmy Vesey-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash

J.T. Miller- Mika Zibanejad-Mats Zuccarello

Michael Grabner-Kevin Hayes-Jesper Fast

Brandon Pirri-Oscar Lindberg-Josh Jooris

Ryan McDonagh-Nick Holden

Marc Staal-Kevin Klein

Brady Skjei-Dan Girardi

Chris Kreider and Pavel Buchnevich remain day to day. Buchnevich seems closer to returning, with tomorrow a real possibility. More on what this means for the roster going forward in the review tomorrow.

With all defensemen healthy, Clendening and McIlrath are Prucha’d.

Lundqvist in goal tonight, which means it’s likely we see Antti Raanta tomorrow night in Charlotte.  Under AV, they typically make a goaltending change on the second game of a back to back when they travel between the two games.  Additionally, I think they would want a rested Lundqvist Sunday against Tampa Bay.

For the Bruins (3-3), a lot of injury concerns already, especially in goal.  Starter Tuukka Rask and backup Anton Khudobin are both out, leaving the Bruins with prospects Malcolm Subban and University of North Dakota alumnus Zane McIntyre carrying the load between the pipes.  In what can surely be described as a dark pants moment for fellow Bonehead Siouxperman, McIntyre gets his first career start tonight after Subban was shellacked by the Wild last night. McIntyre made his NHL debut last night in relief of Subban after Subban gave up 3 goals on 16 shots in the first 30:36.  Over the second half of the game, McIntyre gave up an additional 2 goals on 17 shots.

Beyond the pipes, it was announced today that David Backes had surgery to remove the olecranon bursa from his elbow. Austin Czarnik was recalled from Providence, but it’s unclear if he will be in the roster tonight.

On a personal note, thank you so much for joining me here. If I can make this blog even half as good as Carp’s, I’ll be pretty damn proud.

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434 thoughts on “Bruins at Rangers … It’s Go Time!”

  1. You rock, Doddie.

    I can show you how to do the poll as soon as I find out if I can lose my termination package if I contribute to a competing blog 🙂

    You guys are all the best, every stinkin’ one of you. You have no idea how great you’ve made me feel the last 26 hours or so. Seriously, Thank you.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Seriously what I don’t understand is I can’t post using my email that I’ve used with carp yet when I use my wife aol email my posts come through. Anyone know why.

    Doodie how you could pull this off is Impressive. I’m just out flat out technology challenged.

    5th in metro and their is a widget. I’m in heaven


  3. This is so great! It’s like a family reunion.

    Carp- So sorry about your situation. I wish you the best.

    In the meantime- Let’s Go Rangers!


  4. I paid an insanely cheap amount (compared to MSG) for Canes home opener Friday, lower bowl behind the net where we shoot twice. Totally psyched to see my boys…but no Hank??? Aw man…..


  5. Excellent news Carp. I swear, if they give you carcillo in order to get your package after showing you the door I will seriously lose it…if they don’t want the competition, they should have kept you. And there’s no way in heck they’ll rebuild your audience anyway. Prust sayin….


  6. Srange. When I post from my desktop, my name comes up as CCCP and when I posted from my phone it came out as odessitbk (my email) even though I am logged in the same way on desktop and phone. Strange.


  7. Thanks for this, it’s great! Always a follower and rare poster. Felt like going to battle with one boot off until I saw the link to this.


  8. Pierre McPenis with some dumb questions for Nash. “Rick, can you tell us why you have a hockey stick?” That kinda dumb.


  9. Oh, of course, Carp. Any happiness is born of sadness here. We’re all with you on this. Eagerly await your next move.


  10. Thanks carp and i truly hope all goes well for you and your wife. I hope you land well in your next endeavor and you will be blessed with good health. Wrong time of year I know but i also hope you get the opportunity to follow your other passion of golf meaning you playing. God bless you, your family and many friends that you’ve met along the way.


  11. Carp! So sad you have to deal with this, but also wonderful to see the love towards you from your fellow writers and your loyal RangersReport subjects. I see that the Boston coach still believes his team has NEVER deserved a penalty.


  12. Feel like a Stranger in a strange land. Looks good in here! Well done.

    (What’s up CCCP? It’s chrros7 from the old old-school board from back in the day )


  13. Nah, I started with this many originally. So now I’m back to it. It’s the only way I can get the super cool black circle.


  14. So enjoying everyone’s comments!! Thanks Doodie!!

    Cant wait to see where you land Carp. It’s definitely going to be better!! Continuing to pray for you.


  15. Carp! So happy to see you here. I can’t even tell you how much love and support has been flying around for you today but I pretty sure you already know it:) here for you in any capacity my friend.


  16. Bs really clogging up the neutral zone. they look much slower without Kreider and Buchnevich.
    I can’t even blame the turn overs on Clendening 😦


  17. Carp we even linked it to our fantasy hockey league. For a group of guys that can’t stand one another we have really unified through all this lo hud garbage

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I can’t thank Doddie enough for this brilliant move to organize this place of hope and unity. Maybe next step to create kind of voluntary subscription to collect money and bag Carp to do some periodic writing here?
    Just Prust saying…


  19. Garden crowd sucks tonight. First shift after tying the game and msg sounds like the lobby in a dentist’s office


  20. This is an eerie pattern we’re seeing. Cough up 2 early, get it back in the 2nd… Anything can happen in the 3rd, of course, but nice onions. And Pirri! What a find.


  21. Thanks Doodie Hey Carp & Boneheads.This is great.Like putting on you’re favorite pair of jeans.Oh yeah lohud sucks.Carp Rocks.Lets Go Rangers!

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  22. I want the Julien tape from between periods, “OK, boys, clog up the neutral, eh? Dump it, ice it, put the crowd to sleep, you know. OK, hands in!” [Team cheers, leaves]. “Wait, come back! Oh, crap–Sacco, did I remember No Dumbass Penalties?”

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  23. Also, how fantastic is it that you don’t have to put name and email in every time.

    Pretty damn fantastic.

    Helps the flow, so mucho much.


  24. Wasn’t a very good 2nd goal let up by by Zane McIntyre. Not a lot of happy folks back in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Also from Thief River Falls? Wyatt Smith, who last played in North America with the 2011 Providence Bruins. His teammate? Jamie Arniel, who’s father is doing a hell of a job tonight with the Rangers. Eddie?

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Something I’m noticing about this year’s Rangers. They are fearless making 3-5 foot touch passes almost anywhere on the ice, don’t just whack it up the boards every time with no plan.


  26. Very needs CE comeback. Carp has another opportunity to rag on the NHLDOASFHS….NHL dept of avoiding suspensions for head shots.


  27. Didn’t seem like it would happen after than first period, ILB but you’re right. Bs couldn’t sustain the neutral zone clogging. Funny, I thought this was one of the teams that was gonna push us around this season


  28. Newbie question- Is there a quicker way to see the most recent posts other than scrolling down through all of the previous 300? I must be missing something.


  29. OHRanger. Just click the time stamp of the last post you read. When you refresh it will take you to that comment. No more heavy scrolling.


  30. OHRanger, you can try hitting Control and R at the same time to refresh the page… when I do it, it brings me back to where I was


  31. Too many good performances tonight but if I have to vote in garbage time, I like Pirri, Nash and Hayes. Not only their goals, though they are the bottom line. Mille, Vesey, Zook, Fast all good, D pretty solid, Lundqvist does his usual settle-in thing.


  32. Hartnelling NBC!!!! Denied again! Oh well…..great and wonderful night!!!!! Gotta run for early morning wake up, but can’t wait to check back tomorrow. My equally grand stars are Carp, Doodie and you heads!!!
    as for game: Pirri, Nash and Hayes…mama love all!!!


  33. 5-2 record even with Kreider
    Buchnevich Girardi all missing time thus far and Lundqvist letting up first period goals like he’s getting paid to allow them. Would love to see them strengthen the blueline a little but I’m liking this team a lot.


  34. 3 stars:
    Carp – The Blogfather
    Doodie – for getting this site up
    CCCP – for encouraging the FB site

    HM – Boneheads!!

    Somebody tell e3 to get off the can and join the party!!

    Liked by 1 person

  35. On the game – Miller is playing great. VC is the man. Hold-on…not so much. Get Don Clendening back in for that 4th round pick.


  36. Wow. Got home a little while ago. Just read every comment. Great to see so many familiar faces and of course Carp!

    Never been more proud to be a Bonehead!

    Thanks again Doodie! See yous in the morning!


  37. Josh Jooris- separated shoulder. Out indefinitely. Will go on IR.

    Buys some time for Jooris and McIlrath decisions.


  38. Thank you Doodie for taking time to put this blog together. While I never posted much on Carp’s, I always read it. Carp will be missed, and hopefully he will be back one way or another. In the meantime, good luck as you go forward.


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