Rangers 5, Blues 0. Post-Game Quotes

From the Rangers, via an anonymous source:

Alain Vigneault, New York Rangers head coach

On the play of Henrik Lundqvist…

“This was his best game so far this year, there’s no doubt.  I don’t think we gave up more chances, we gave up more shots.  The difference was Hank (Lundqvist) made those two breakaway saves and when we had opportunities, we were able to capitalize.  We got that five-goal lead there and Hank was able to find his rhythm.  There was no doubt in anybody’s mind that he was going to find it, and tonight he was very, very good.”

On the team’s play…

“The two things that are happening right now are guys are working extremely hard and are preparing themselves to play.  When you do that, you give yourself a real good chance against good teams and that’s what we’ve done lately.  To assume that five goals is going to be a standard, I think that might be pushing it.  Again tonight when we countered our speed was on display and it was evident and we were able to counterpunch and capitalize.”

On what has changed on the power play…

“Different elements.  Mika (Zibanejad) right handed shot, where before we just had Step (Stepan).  There’s one touches as far as passes and shooting.  Right now the guys are finding the options and we’re getting some real good looks on it.”

Ken Hitchcock, St. Louis Blues head coach

On the Rangers strengths…

We weren’t on a different map, we played somebody on the right map. That’s a hell of a team (Rangers) and they gave us a hell of a lesson. They are playing great team hockey and they just exposed any weakness we had. They exposed it. They’ve done it to a few teams now. Real eye opener for me.”

On tonight’s game…

“Could’ve been 2-0, could’ve been 1-0. The way they (Rangers) were playing, they were in control. Their game was in control. They were in control. It’s their team play. Their team play is excellent. They’re well coached. Their team plays excellent and it should be a real eye opener for everybody in the league. It’s a real eye opener for us.”

On team play…

“ When you play that well as a team, and you’re that well coached, and you’re that in sync right now, you’re going to beat anybody. And that’s where they’re at right now. Yes, we had scoring chances and all that stuff but any weakness you have, they exposed. We showed weakness in some areas and they just exposed it and jumped all over it. Good for them. They’ve been playing great team hockey since we beat them 3-2. They were much better than we were when we beat them 3-2. And they just continued on that way so good for them.”

Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers goaltender

On the team’s play…

“It’s been a great start to our season here.  The speed we’re showing in our game, even in the games we lost, I thought we were creating a lot of chances.  Everybody is on the same page on how to help each other in our own end.  A lot of times it starts in our own end, how we break out.  That’s really how you get speed to your game – that first pass, close support.  I’m super impressed, even with the new guys coming in here adjusting to this style.  Sometimes that takes time but I think we have confidence in our system and one another, and we believe in it and try to execute it.  We will just try to build on this.”

On the start to the season…

“I think management has been doing a great job – a lot of video, a lot of talking about details of the game to try to get it right early on.  There’s always a process to try to get everything right and you can’t expect it to be perfect right away, but a lot of things are now clicking.  The penalty kill, power play are all playing a big part right now. Just try to feed from this right now.  We know that every game you have to come back to the basics and do the little details right, but overall we are happy with our start.”

On the importance of his save on Fabbri to keep the score 2-0…

“Even when we were three-up in the second, they kept coming, especially in the second period.  You never know.  A game can change so much with the skill they have up front. A couple penalties, you never know, the game can really turn.  This was a game where I felt really involved from maybe after 10 minutes into the game.  There’s been a lot of games so far this year that have had low shots, and sometimes it’s hard to come up with that extra save when you’re not that involved in the game.  But today there were shots, chances, and I felt like I was tested a lot and it felt good.  It was fun to be involved and to get some work.”

Chris Kreider, New York Rangers forward

On playing with the lead…

“I don’t think our mindset changes; I just think it’s one of those things. The pucks are going in for us. We were playing honest, especially early. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up that sustained pressure when it gets to that point, in the third period especially. That is when Henrik [Lundqvist] tends to stand on his head. I think it’s just that guys are playing honest hockey, even late and you see how hard guys are coming back. It makes our job real easy too when the defense holds the line. I thought four, five, six times tonight when they had 4-on-2s, 3-on-2s, odd man rushes, the defense were so good with their gaps that they either threw them off-sides or created turnovers. It’s real easy for us.”

On the balanced scoring…

“You need depth. Good teams in this league roll four lines so it’s huge for us going forward.”

On the team’s mindset…

“Regardless of what happened last year, we are very focused on what we are doing now and what we are doing here. I think it just comes down to guys playing honest, guys pouring back the house, and really worrying about the defensive side of the puck.”

Jimmy Vesey, New York Rangers forward

On his goal scoring…

“It seems like it has come out of nowhere a little bit. I wasn’t getting the bounces in the beginning, but now it’s all going our way. I think it’s a product of me being put in all the right situations by AV [Alain Vigneault] and playing with two guys as good as Step [Derek Stepan] and [Rick] Nash. It’s been a treat for me so far.”

On his comfort level…

“I’m starting to really get confident out there and try some things I might not have tried a couple games ago. I think confidence is everything in this game and right now it’s high and I am riding that.”

On playing with Derek Stepan and Rick Nash…

“I’m just trying to observe them every day, how hard they work at the rink. They always bring the right work ethic and attitude into the locker room. Like I’ve said before, we are always communicating and now they are telling me to try new things or where to be on the ice. It’s just been so easy to play with them so far.”

Dan Girardi, New York Rangers defenseman

On what was more impressive tonight – the goals or defensive play…

“I think a little bit of both.  Obviously we’ve put up a lot of goals this year, which is a good thing. We’re not giving up defensive chances to go to offense.  We are playing good defense first and that’s what’s leading to our chances.  Teams are making some cross ice passes, some desperation plays, and we’re just taking advantage of them.”

On his goal tonight

“Mac (McDonagh) makes a great play at the blue line, stepping up on the guy. Kreids (Kreider) sees me coming and I’m just head up, shooting it.  And luckily it went off I think Tarasenko’s stick, kicked the other way, and bounced before it made it in the net.”

On his start this season compared to last season…

“Obviously it wasn’t the best of years for everybody, and myself personally.  I had the attitude of just saying block out everything, just go every night, play my hardest and whatever happens, happens.”

Paul Stastny, St. Louis Blues forward

On the Rangers’ speed affecting their play…

“It wasn’t that.  I think it’s what we do in here.  I think from top to bottom we weren’t ready to play.  Our leaders, my line, we didn’t play together.  We didn’t play as a unit of five.  We got too spread out and they play a lot faster game then we get tentative.  When we play together we’re playing well, we’re supporting each other and playing as a unit of five.  When we’re not, one guy is in no man’s land, one guy wants the puck, one guy doesn’t want the puck.  You can’t do that in this league.  We have to stop the bleeding and get back to what works and we know what works for us and it’s kind of playing that grind game, that puck possession game.  When we’re doing that, we’re supporting each other and playing together.  When we’re not, we try and make too many fancy plays and get caught on our heels and put too much pressure on our goalies to bail us out.”

On creating chances…

“I think when we get our chances it’s as a unit of five.  We have to create more to get some power plays.  Even if you’re not scoring, you kind of get momentum with the puck and you’re getting more chances and eventually going to make them crack.  It starts with my line from the top and then all the way down we need to get better.”

Alexander Steen, St. Louis Blues forward

On tonight’s game…

“I think we had some decent shifts in the first.  We had an unlucky bounce on the first one.  The second one was a PK goal then we’re down by two.  I think we start trying to force things that aren’t there.  Trying to create offense out of basically nothing and having them as quick as they can play.  They just came at us.  When you do that you leave your goalies out to dry and that’s what we did tonight.”

On playing from behind…

“I think we continued to do so far too long of a stretch as well.  We need to respond in a different manner and get back to basics and start building the game from the back and from our foundation.  Tonight we did the opposite.  We ran a lot of risks and got dinged on them.”

17 thoughts on “Rangers 5, Blues 0. Post-Game Quotes”

  1. Hmmmm sounds like Hitch wants to be an an assistant (associate?) coach next season. Ive never seen an NHL coach praise the opposing team so much


  2. Tampa vs fishies blowout was a far more passionate and entertaining hockey game than this all star game bs blowout…and i really despise both those teams. This is some boring aasen scrimmage hockey the rangers are playing right now. Boring is winning now though.


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