Rangers at Canucks … It’s Go Time

Game 17

Rangers at Canucks -10:00 PM MSG

Tonight will be the first night that I try my new idea of just putting together a review that is accurate as of the time of writing, which probably will be sometime during/shortly after the second period. Clearly, this is an HAV.

Tonight is the third game of this four game road trip.  It is the last one in Western Canada, and their third in four nights. They have won the first two games of the trip.

Tonight’s probable lineup for the Rangers (12-4):

Michael Grabner-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash

JT Miller-Mika Zibanejad-Mats Zuccarello

Jimmy Vesey-Kevin Hayes-Jesper Fast

Oscar Lindberg-Boo Nieves-Brandon Pirri

Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi

Marc Staal-Brady Skjei

Nick Holden-Kevin Klein

The big news of course is the NHL debut of 2012 2nd round pick (59th overall) Cristobal “Boo” Nieves.  Nieves, who will wear No. 67, will start the game as the fourth line center and will likely see some penalty killing duty.

Nieves’ presence is required because of injuries to Chris Kreider and Pavel Buchnevich.  Buchnevich’s is “day to day” with back spasms, but there is no timetable or update for Kreider and his “upper body injury,” which is continuing to be surrounded by mystery.  The longer the mystery lingers, the more likely it is a concussion.

Henrik Lundqvist gets the start. Adam Clendening goes back to the press box. Also, due to the modified lineup, the powerplay units have been shuffled. Most importantly, JT Miller gets a look on the PP.

For the Canucks, (6-9-1), they get a chance to show whether they are turning a corner or last week’s game against the Rangers was just a fluke.  In any event, the Canucks would do well to try and slow the game down rather than trade chances with the Rangers.  Jacob Markstrom gets the start.

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254 thoughts on “Rangers at Canucks … It’s Go Time”

  1. wow!!! injuries starting to pile up, not good, not to mention rangers aren’t looking good tonight, reminds me of the game at MSG against the cannucks. I have this bad feeling that the rangers could lose the next 4 games. Columbus has finally come into there own with all the years of finishing at the bottom and drafting high, going to be tough playing the jackets in columbus and than come the pens.


  2. It’s amazing how the puck couldn’t find its way into the Rangers net after all that Vancouver pressure. But hey, I’m not complaining about the 1-nil.


  3. NHL coaches’ ridiculous obsession with shot blocking is putting players at great risk. There’s a guy in net who’s getting paid handsomely to stop pucks; let him earn his pay cheque.


  4. It’s official, after a Hurricanes win tonight the NY Islanders are in last place. I still can’t believe snow let 3 of there home grown players walk in free agency and paid chimera 500,000 more a year than what Marin got who is 27 and chimera is 37, not to mention he signs lad to a 7 year deal. That pretty much has done the islanders in. I would be shocked if Traveras resigns with the islanders.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jackie Caps’ decision to TANK last year to get Del Boca Vista in addition to more incompetent GM-ing by Snow is what has put the Fish Tanks back into Tire Fires.

    Islanders made a deal with the Devil by tanking, and are now paying for it.


  6. Admiral, nobody cares anywhere.

    I promised myself I wouldn’t laugh today. You had to go and ruin everything with less than an hour to go in the day.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Loving Grabs on this team. It’s like he has singlehandly changed this team. I think Grabner is more like Hags 2.0 and on hot streak.


  8. When the rangers traded for Zibanejad I went onto a senators blog and read fans say that Zibanejad disappears for several games during the year and that’s what I’ve notice.


  9. Dan G spent forty seconds of the PK on his knees stacked in front of Hank like the front goalie, if there were a front goalie.


  10. I can’t have pizza with the frequency I enjoyed in my youth. I’m certainly not going to waste my limited pizza consumption on that Kentucky cardboard Crappa Johns.


  11. Hank didn’t deserve it. Hope it will make him angrier, to become a brick wall, Canucks will brake their teeth.
    …and Sedins with the fish eyes I should really despise.


  12. Gearing up for tonight’s third star pick. Miller and Hayes every night, so you only get one these days. Fast? Zucc? Skjei? Lundqvist? Any random Ranger?


  13. Wow-team is relentless. Down 2 guys and keep humming.
    Haze looks lighter, did he lose weight? Scored that first hoal with Grabber on his wing
    Jay Tea – trade for Tuba? Maybe if you throw Laine in the deal
    Henk stole this game. Team D was caca tonite.


  14. Good morning, boneheads!
    Reminded us of last year’s squad from the first month or so. First period especially. The difference? Last year’s Rangers would win it 2-1. This year they poured in 7 goals. With a depleted lineup and another rookie who looks ready to play when there is a need. Good to see.


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