Rangers vs. Penguins … It’s Go Time!

Game 21

Rangers vs. Penguins -7:00 PM MSG

Tonight is the second leg of a home and home between the Rangers and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The Rangers won the first leg in Pittsburgh by the score of 5-2.

I will be at this game in person with my wife and therefore not blogging it. E3 will cover the review for tomorrow. Clearly, this is an HAV.

Tonight’s probable lineup for the Rangers (14-5-1), via Steve Zipay (@stevezipay):

Chris Kreider-Kevin Hayes-Mats Zuccarello

Michael Grabner-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash

Jimmy Vesey-Brandon Pirri-J.T. Miller

Oscar Lindberg-Josh Jooris-Jesper Fast

Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi

Marc Staal-Nick Holden

Brady Skjei-Kevin Klein

The big news, of course, is completely unrelated to the game.  The NHL published the “exempt” list of players that cannot be exposed to the expansion draft and the list included Rick Nash.  However, calling it an “exempt” list is a bit of a misnomer, as players on the list still count toward the maximum amount of allowable protected players. Pretty much any mock expansion draft done showed Nash as being exposed.  This will force the Rangers to expose an additional young forward.

Henrik Lundqvist facing the Penguins for the first time since the playoffs after his playoff meltdown last spring, both in quality of play, and in his childish display of throwing the goal of the moorings.  I understand why he did it, but perhaps he should have just Holtbied instead.

AV says Puempel could get into the lineup soon, and I speculate that it will be in favor of Oscar Lindberg.

The defense remains unchanged, so Clendening remains Prucha’d for a third straight game. I still disagree with this arrangement. Skjei should be playing more often, not less.  I imagine that AV will do his best to keep Klein and Skjei away from Malkin’s line.

For the Penguins, (11-5-3), Matt Murray gets the start and has been the better goaltender for the Penguins this season.   I don’t think they have made any lineup changes from Monday but it will be interesting to see how Guentzel does in his second NHL game.  Hopefully less than 2 goals this time.

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120 thoughts on “Rangers vs. Penguins … It’s Go Time!”

  1. Mcdonagh should come out of the box and put someone on their butt. He’s playing on that other level lately can’t let this get to him


  2. I’m passed livid, this is why I stopped watching hockey last year. This league is a joke. Why don’t these canadien refs just suck crosby’s genitals, you gotta be kidding me. If crosby didn’t do anything a penalty wouldn’t have been called. If I ever saw that buck tooth beaver in the street I would cold clock him and be happy to go to jail, what a disgrace this league has become.


  3. I thought we deserved the powerplay on that one. I guess this adversity builds character.

    Great period. Second period is where the Rangers dominate.


  4. I kind of started like Valet Cat. Guy is humorous and do posses some knowledge about game. Just become too scientificated in his comments…


  5. I saw that coming, rangers better pick there game up. I’ve been killing lundqvist but he has kept this close, pittsburgh has been the faster team.


  6. It’s not like Fat Birds are playing particularly good (however, with much more desire), but the Rangers are unforgivably bad in own zone tonight, lazy, slow in making decisions and irresolute in passes.


  7. Utter, total, embarrassing domination. Penguins have shown the Rangers why they are the champs. Rangers need to show their fans who THEY are in the third. Humiliating.


  8. Obviously we need to get all our guys back to compete long term

    Injuries slowed us dramatically like tacks on the road


  9. …and again, they have all clear opportunities to threw puck out of zone before, even just for icing and subsequent timeout, but made wrong play, give puck up and it resulted…but it doesn’t matter anyway, now, isn’t it?


  10. Sheary is progressing well with the diving lessons he gets from Crosby. That is the second dive he has taken in this game.


  11. Nothing matters – destroy Crybaby and this little embellishing squirrel – Sheary (I don’t like him intensively)


  12. Chaos in defense, nothing connected in offence – not playing as a team, rather like a bunch of, all of the sudden, unskilled individuals.


  13. It’s unbelievable the amount of turnovers in the own zone in absolutely innocent situation, just pathetic. What happened with the collective team’s psyche? Shameful. Heralded McD included.


  14. These guys seem to have decided that the goal for the 3rd period was to get through this period as fast as possible and not get hurt, and get to Thanksgiving. Quite offensive to the folks who paid the big bucks to get into the Garden tonight. They deserve to be booed off the ice or better yet, for the building to be empty at the final horn.


  15. Could be worse….you could be live watching this drivel. This team has zero backbone. Zero.
    Skidk-nees slaps around your Capt and no response. Joke.
    2 largest cap hits are not needed
    Salmon Joe is painful
    yes, Girardi does still suck


  16. Interesting, how fast (or not) will Rangers recuperate and will be able to get over this shameful non-show.
    How many games it will take? Could it be a beginning of pre-Christmas slump?


  17. Game instantly changed when Crosby rag dolled mcdonut and the rangers did nothing!

    I voted raaannttta, gnash, and Hagar v2.0…in no particular order


  18. Hey! I been tellin yous. Nobody cares. They ain’t good no more. This goalie lundqvist is terrible. I don’t know why everyone drools over him. He’s junk.


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