Rangers at Flyers … It’s Go Time!

Game 22

Rangers at Flyers -1:00 PM NBC

I hope you all had a happy and healthy Thansgiving.  Today is the first meeting between these two historically bitter rivals.  During the Thanksgiving day parade, Graves and Lindros stood next to each other on a float to promote the game.  I can’t imagine that they would have been able to do that 20 years ago.

While I am off from work today, I will be watching this game on a delay since I will be outside doing yardwork during the game, but listening on radio via the NHL app. Clearly, this is an HAV.

Tonight’s probable lineup for the Rangers (14-6-1):

Michael Grabner-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash

Chris Kreider-Kevin Hayes-Mats Zuccarello

Jimmy Vesey-Brandon Pirri-J.T. Miller

Matt Puempel-Josh Jooris-Jesper Fast

Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi

Marc Staal-Nick Holden

Brady Skjei-Kevin Klein

The big news, of course, is that Matt Puempel makes his Rangers debut in place of Oscar Lindberg, who is Prucha’d.  The lines otherwise remain unchanged from the last game against Pittsburgh, because why mess with such a smashing success?  Puempel will also see some time on the PP.  As for Lindberg, you have to figure he is not long for this team.

Lundqvist gets the start in goal.  I find all of the Raanta clamoring hysterical.  Everyone always loves the backup.  I wonder if these people were begging for Healy in 94.


The defense remains unchanged, so Clendening remains Prucha’d for a fourth straight game. I still disagree with this arrangement. Skjei should be playing more often, not less.

For the Flyers, (9-9-3), the story of the season is their league worst .880 save percentage from their goaltending.  However, more immediately, Sean Couturier is out 4-6 weeks with a “lower body injury.”  Scott Laughton has been recalled to replace him in the lineup.

The Flyers’ defense is in a bit of disarray.  Former Ranger Michael Del Zotto is in one of his trademark down years and is a healthy scratch.  Formerly abandoned to the AHL Andrew MacDonald is on their first pair with Shane Gostisbehere.  On the third pair is predator Radko Gudas.  I’m sure he will do something that is borderline or over the line, and it will be interesting to see how the Rangers respond, especially since they rolled over after Crosby ragdolled McDonagh on Wednesday.

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185 thoughts on “Rangers at Flyers … It’s Go Time!”

  1. Watching game at Tamarack sports bar in Missoula while the womenfolk go about their business. Last full measure of devotion? No Rangers fans present. Or Flyers fans. Or fans.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Can’t wait to see the “Thanksgiving Special” the no-talents serve up this afternoon. This third-rate, cut-rate, mailed-in, paper-tiger-of-a-squad is as bush league and Mickey Mouse as they come. As we speak, I’m looking underneath for couch-change Puempels who can’t cut the ketchup, much less the mustard. I expect nothing less than a 10-0 Flyers victory over the mediocre-central, faded-watercolor, lemon-stand NYRangers.


  3. Honestly that hit looked shoulder-to-shoulder to me. Manning was turned but Pirri came around.
    At least the calls evened up.


  4. Konecey isn’t exactly the roughest customer out there. And a rookie. The refs just taught him a valuable message about picking his spots appropriately.


  5. Hank not even thinking of playing the puck behind the net, which is good for the Rangers, but shows his deservedly low confidence.


  6. I refuse to believe there is more than one Rangers fan in Missoula. I am now surrounded by my Flyer-fan daughters, quite satisfying. For the moment.


  7. Our sexy boys are playing 180 degrees out of phase with their effort on Wednesday. JT will be throwing down with Simmonds at some point. I’m not sure why there are fights between players wearing shields. Broken hand is all that can happen. THE was trying to rip the helmet off of Manning – smart move…


  8. Oscar just looked down at his phone and saw he has a meeting scheduled with AV and Gorton for 11am tomorrow.

    (Jk he clearly stays until Zika is healthy. I bet someone remembers his hot streak last season, sees his cap hit, and would make a low level swap).


  9. E3, we raised them in Philly and gave them freedom of choice. May have been a mistake, though they’re all pretty good players.


  10. Sorry to hear E3. A little silly-um husk normally clears that up for me. The coconut has been my savior this week though.


  11. NHL Wheel of Fortune:

    I’d like to solve the puzzle Pat: Brady Skjei!
    ::wrong buzzer::
    Give me an “N.”. Three N’s! I’d like to solve the puzzle please: Brayden Schenn!


  12. Headzo – They waited for 40 minutes or so and then said “**** it, we are going to bed.” I laid there in pain pinching and squeezing trying to loosen my load. When I finally delivered, I couldn’t sit for about an hour and was lucky to have a plunger because that baby wasn’t going down without a fight.


  13. Olga – no doubt. But roto rooter delivers.
    Headzo – I was laying cable on a plane one time and when I walked out I told the next person to bring their oxygen mask. She went on line across the aisle 😜


  14. Norm
    Well, give a heads up next time you are in the ghetto and I’ll buy you a beer.

    Yeah, regardless of their record, it’s a bit embarrassing


  15. Ever notice how we get creamed in front of the opposing net concomitant with and after the whistle and all we ever do in our end is shuffleboard and snow angel?


  16. Norm
    If you are in the program, let me know who your liaison officer is…we might have the same one 😉



  17. What if the game was 5 minutes longer? With overall much, much better game it still not acceptable to let 2 goals on the end of the game in such a short time, pressure or not. What happened with ability to hang on.
    …but what I’m talking about? They did!


  18. Hope we are not back to Hank having to be the #1 star of the game for them to win. He was the difference today.


  19. They don’t need a “fighter”, they need a player that has some ability but is also willing to chuck buckles 8-10 times a year…a Roussel type.


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