Rangers-Jets in Review

Rangers 2, Jets 1

Today’s review is graciously provided by regular Bonehead Stranger Nation (SN for short). Great job, SN!

Coming into this game, there were more questions than answers as the injury bug has ripped through this team like a bad virus. A much different team suiting up now as the offense has dried up with opponents crowding the neutral zone and forcing the D to make plays under pressure. This game seemed to call for a more dedicated defensive mind-set with the Jets playing better and NYR featuring a depleted team. We also get to watch Trouba to see if he is/was a viable option to be McD’s partner for the next 5 years. (Spoiler Alert: not really)

Auntie Raanta is starting between the pipes as Henk gets to rest and think about never playing the puck away from the crease again. NYR Bottom 6 features off-season pick-ups and Hartford call-ups. Yikes! Nice to see Jay Tea back with Hazy Daze and Grabber after playing with Pirri and Fast last game or 2. #10 is an absolute gamer.

First period: Starts with a lot of pace featuring two posts by Jets and multiple NYR odd man rushes. Afterwards, your boys in blue (white) seemed to control play.
A PP opportunity features skates moving, quick passes, and a slam-dunk on the crease by THE after a beauty of a feed by Step. Shots for the period were counted at NYR 10- Jets 6; but it seemed NYR had more quality chances, the two early posts by the Jets notwithstanding.

Second Period: Jets came out strong with Big Daddy hitting a cross bar and continued to control play with extended zone time but mostly kept outside until Holden breaks stick and puck cannot leave zone. The D unit is peg legged at the tail end of a long shift and before you can learn how to spell Scheifele, the biscuit is in the basket, with the game tied at 1-1. The ice was definitely tilted in the Jets favor most of the period. Solid NYR PK kept the game tied due to a mix of Jets PP ineptitude and smart play by Blueshirts’ PK units to limit any dangerous chances. If someone told me before the game the score would be 1-1 after the second, I would have taken my chances from there.

Third was another ‘special’ period as the PP and PK units did their job. Late NYR PP from a high stick against Girardi acting like he was shot from the Grassy Knoll. Pay back for the Best Supporting Actor Emmy given to Tanev on a high sticking call against Grabber earlier. Hazy Daze gets the game winner on a deflected McD wrister and the team holds on for the win after the inevitable ‘Chinese Fire Place’ Dzone play leading up to the final horn.

· Solid play by the bottom six especially the 3rd line featuring two Swedes and a Slovak; Oscar looks to be getting his sea legs back. That line had some extended Ozone cycle time when the team really needed it.
· NYR passing in neutral zone was much better as Jets allowed them to move puck with their D quickly vacating the zone for reasons unknown. Regardless the passes were quick and allowed the play to move quickly up ice.
· Both lines of the Top 6 played well with Grabber, in particular, making great plays with both his speed and his head. He always seems to be in the right spot. Kreider should watch him play in neutral zone; his skates always moving, playing the angles; he is very impressive away from the puck.
· 4th line didn’t get a lot of TOI, though Jensen was on PP second unit. The Great Dane played the body and made simple plays in all three zones. He seemed to get more comfortable as the game progressed. Juris Prudence was aggressive with 2 monster hits on one shift getting Salmon Joe and Wicky very excited but also had an undisciplined tripping penalty. Pirri is looking for his missing glass slipper though he managed to get two shots on a PP. Just don’t see him in the line-up when at full complement.

· Thought the D had one of their better games against a team loaded with some high-end forward talent. They (mostly) made smart plays with puck, stayed on their skates, and didn’t allow many odd man rushes after the beginning of the first.
· All was not perfect as Holden is always good for a couple of passes to an opponent in the slot and Girardi treats the puck like a hot potato when pressured but DG also had some very good outlet passes when given time and space.
· Staal and Klein had ‘quiet’ games, which is a good thing. McD was McD; steady and strong. Shea almost had his first goal, hard to believe he hasn’t scored yet.
· Don’t think this D is the top 6 in league as some surmise, but I do know the Jets are definitely not in the top 15.
· Salmon Joe said NYR was tops in blocked shots; learn something every day.
· Auntie was very calm in net; presuming not having long flowing hair allows him to concentrate harder.

Special teams were the main reason for the win, scoring two PP goals and killing all three penalties. This was a very, very solid road win with a big game tomorrow night in the Windy City (don’t tell Olga.) This Ranger team doesn’t like to lose two in a row and Haze mentioned in post-game interview they realize how bunched up the conference/division is leaving little room for any let down. This game was an important ‘stepping stone’ for young core players like Kreider, Haze and Jay Tea who all looked like 1st line forwards when the team needed them most.

To note, according to esteemed hockey philosopher and fashion maven Ron Duguay it doesn’t matter if a team is missing five forwards, they just cannot afford to lose a Defensemen or Goalie. Right…

SN’s Three Rangers Stars:

1. Miller

2. Grabner

3. Hayes

77 thoughts on “Rangers-Jets in Review”

  1. Nice review SN.

    Good game by the Rangers. Depleted as they are, they will have to keep their game very simple for a while. This is probably good experience for them – trying to win 2-1, 1-0 games. To my knowledge, this is the first win of the season when scoring only 3 goals or less.

    It will be interesting how they deal with Chicago. I must admit, I’m not looking forward to seeing Lundqvist back in goal yet.


  2. My 30 game MVP’s:


    Honorable mentions:


  3. SN,
    Well done. I liked how you broke it down. Agree that Lindberg seems to be getting better. Still not impressed with Hrivek. He has no hands, and very little hockey sense. I thought it was a very big win considering how depleted they were.


  4. Admiral, the Boys record when scoring 3 goals or less is 5-5 (with one loss being a SO loss). Great review. Fast forwarded through most of the game because I got home late. Great to see them win a close one, on the road, and winning the special teams play.


  5. Doodie, did you go to Ihop for your senior citizen breakfast discount this morning? First of many. congrats Bday boy!


  6. Admiral, I like that list. Zucc is borderline for honorable mention IMO but those are the guys needing to get it done while depleted by injuries.


  7. Great review SN, thanks. The variety of game interpretations and reviews offered here is pretty cool. Everyone has their own style and notices different things when watching the game.

    Great road win. I really expected more from Winnipeg.

    I liked the way every Ranger stepped up to their elevated roles last night. I thought the Hrivik-Fast-Lindberg line was most improved.

    Having JT Miller skate back with some more talented linemates like Hayes and Grabner makes huge difference. That line was awesome.

    I see Chicago is also dealing with a few key injuries, tonight’s game should be an interesting one.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Agreed Tomb. on all aspects. When I look at the Jets I feel like they should be a much better team record wise than they are. Similar to some of those very good Philly teams in the early to mid 2000s that never got anywhere because of goaltending perhaps? Maybe not as good actually. And after Big Buff there really isn’t much there on D I guess.


  9. Anyone been a breast to the goalie situation out in Calgary? Trade for Elliott= total bust. Ocho Cinco one of the best goalies over the last month has taken over as the no. 1. You can’t make this stuff up.


  10. Amended:

    Last night was first win when scoring 2 goals or less. There will have to be more games like this–gotta get comfortable with low scoring games.


  11. FG, I was at a great game that the Rangers lost when the other team didn’t score a goal. January 12, 2010, Devils 1, Rangers 0, in a shootout. The best 0-0 game I’ve ever seen.


  12. Attaboy, SN, much appreciated. Only disagreement I have is with that last-minute EN kill. They let the Jets have the puck, didn’t overcommit, kept their defensive shape, closed the lanes, gave them nothing. Reminds me a little of how NFL teams use the allow defense (aka prevent defense) to close out games. Drives fans crazy and works the great majority of the time.


  13. Raanta again tonight.
    If you are Taveras, do you stay after 2018? Is staying with the Islanders worth the extra year on a contract? If I’m him, I run , and run fast out of there.


  14. Jets have 3 all-star players. Quick downhill slide from there other than Wheeler, who’s still at least producing.


  15. SN – my brutha from anutha mutha. I’m on the can reading your excellent anal-y-sis. Great job. Run Tuh is a wizard with the puck. Almost as good as Hank. But then, is there a goalie on earth that moves the puck better than Hank?

    Play the Run Tuh.


  16. SN, great review. I laughed out loud a few times at some of the names, which I hadn’t heard before (clearly not spending enough time here, though I do read every review. Great job to all of yous).


  17. ‘Heads – thanks for kind words. A true labor of love with a shout out to Bday boy Doodie aka RR2.
    Agree Jets were less than impressive, but need to give some props to the Blueshirts, esp the misfit toys, i.e. bottom 6, which played smart and controlled.
    As hot as NYR came out of the gate this season, the standings are very tight with all 16 teams in conference only separated by 14 points. NYR has 4 games in hand on BJs and 3 on the Craps so it will only get tighter.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I was looking forward to seeing the great rookie Line-at play. What was he scratched?

    Kidding, of course but great game defensively.

    Glad to see Auntie get the start.


  19. Good afternoon, boneheads!
    Great review, SN. I like how we get different perspectives from different ‘heads. Very nice breakdown!
    One thing I want to add- Jensen deserves a credit for a GWG. He was creating enough havoc ( can’t teach size) in front of the goalie to draw two defenders on him ( Buff and someone else) leaving Hayes totally unprotected. And there is no way their goaltender could see that deflection.


  20. Winnipeg stinks. With all their big names on defense ( just imagine if Trouba, the way he played last night, got a $6M contract) they really have no defensive structure.
    At the same time. Just imagine for a second that NY’s starting lineup at the beginning of this season was the one that played last night. If all Gorton could do over the summer is to come up with that. How long would he last as a GM? And what would the comments be on the blog? Point is, they have to try and lose as little ground as possible until Nash, Vesey, Buchnevich, and Zibanejad come back. That was a pretty impressive win last considering what they’re going through.


  21. Hymen Roth- …somebody put a bullet in that kids eye. And that kids name was Faux Greene.
    I didn’t ask who gave the order.


  22. I thought their forwards would be dynamic, their defense was going to be pretty good, and their goaltending would be an absolute tire fire. I’m surprised they haven’t fired Maurice, to be honest.


  23. Great to see Moops doing well up in Boston this year. From everything I’ve read the fans love him, as they should.


  24. So tonight is the battle of the back ups.
    BDL, If Tavares leaves Brooklyn that franchise is pretty screwed. I’m sure Snow is going to offer him a ridiculous length of his career type contract with ugly detrimental amounts of money front loaded along with promises of bringing in whatever FAs to be he can get his hands on. If Tavares is smart he’ll come play here lol. kidding. but If he goes UFA I’m pretty sure he’s gone which means NYI are in trouble. How wonderful


  25. I think giving Raanta the second consecutive start is the right move btw. Not that I expect it to motivate Lundqvist in any way, but he certainly could use some time to hit the reset button.


  26. Norm,
    Two reasons, one, if they win tonight, they call that a streak.
    Two, it’s way better than losing.

    But mostly it’s my lame tongue in cheek over reaction to almost every game.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Going with Raaaanta is the right move time to find out what he’s made of when given the opportunity! I say it’s past time for something good to happen to this group. Enough of all the negativity from me! Rangers win 3 – 2!


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