216 thoughts on “Rangers vs. Devils… It’s Go Time!”

  1. Can’t watch GINTS, I’ll bring them…worse.. luck. See…ugh, as I type. but LGG !!!!!!!!!
    Also, Cox Cable southern Ozarks, they’ve been all HD for the last 2 years. If that helps anyone.


  2. Re centre ice….I’ve had centre ice on 2 different providers. With optimum/charter only about 25% of the games were in HD and it was only one feed. Direct tv on the other hand, 100% HD games and always both feeds in HD.


  3. Team hates Hank, loves Auntie.

    Tired of the way he talks in interviews, he whines, they say. They call him the Swedish Jim Boheim.


  4. I voted raaaaaannntta, beat wide, and hated….in no particular order.

    Honourable mention to grouch (not couch or ahl slouch) and ein kleiner


  5. Can’t say I expected this. Can’t bench a guy who hasn’t given up a goal in two and a half games. The Metro is on fire at the moment. Top teams in the conference other than Mtl are there.


  6. Auntie’s been great but he’s had help. The team has been playing well in front of him. Pucks are getting cleared pretty quickly and opponent time in our zone has been reduced.

    More than 200 comments and not one denigrating Couch? For the record, I’m a fan and have been for a while.


  7. Couch is a bottom 6 role is a good player, he is not a top 6 forward. He has gotten better on PK, last year he was a statue out there. He like playing with fellow Swedes:-) Last Feb, AV put the all-Swede line together for 2 or 3 games and they all played great.


  8. Somebody called Fast (couch) a two way player, which is laughable. He is a one dimensional player, that of a D minded checking forward. He is considerably overrated at that dimension.


  9. Noble
    Lindberg is machine (or grouch if you want to rhyme with couch;))

    I for one, think couch does not belong in the top 12 (also do not think pirri does).


  10. Fast’s TOI tells you everything you need to know about the mootness of the debate about him. Or is that the mootosity? He’s an official cog in this very good machine.


  11. Lundqvist has done zip for this organization, deserves no respect given his play of late. Guy’s a complete loser. I say we kick him as hard as we can while he’s down and mock the high salary he did nothing to earn. It’s not that Raanta is good, it’s that Loserqvist sucks. And as long as it’s evident that he’s better-looking than any of us here, I say we mock his hair as well. And his family and his dog.

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