148 thoughts on “Rangers at Predators…It’s Go Time!”

  1. HEY , You can’t do that Carp!!?? Can he Doddieee?? Isn’t it illegal to post “First ” in the middle of a thread? Carp is badass ..breaking all the rules haha



  2. First of all, hope mrs HAV feels better very soon!

    Glad pirri is finally out of the line up. He’s got no business being in the top 12…none.

    Also very happy to see the rangers playing better hockey instead of that all star game no contact bs they were playing to start the season.


  3. Ref missed a nice slash on Klein’s breakaway. Surprised they didn’t just turn it around and get Klein for goalie interference on George Soros.


  4. Stepans offensive value really shows on bang bang plays. Other than that, he really can’t create and has zero moves. He’s really a fullback in a passing league

    The Rangers can’t los this game, right? I mean, they just cant


  5. I like Stepan and all, BUT, as a consistent first line center, what is he really bringing to the table ? He’s so NOT a first liner. Do we even have a legit first line center?

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  6. No doubt Wicky. A rat with 30 goal hands – the dude could be an absolute stud, but I think I’ve heard he’s not a super-popular guy in whatever room you find him in. Also tends to go 50% Raffi Torres every so often.


  7. OhioRanger – the hope is that Zika could be the guy. He’s got the size, skill, speed, good on faceoffs, makes his linemates better, no slouch defensively…I think the question with him is consistency…he disappears for stretches. But otherwise, total package for sure.


  8. Hope you are right Dave. I think that’s what we’ve been missing for years is a solid legit first line center.


  9. Shoot. The. Puck. They actually need team meetings and remedial tutors spelling out this simple strategy in detail.


  10. Maloney doing interview asks Nash about fiestiness of game tonight between teams that don’t see each other much…Nash replied yes, we need to work on that as a team and stick up for one another a lot obviously after last nights game we need to be better at that


  11. During the summer I thought trading stepan was a pretty important thing to do before his ntc kicks in, I still think that, but I also am beginning to thing moving zucc wouldn’t be the worst thing.


  12. Hey, it is Nashville after all. I’d like to see the Preds honor young Dolly Parton’s cups and raise her sweater to the rafters.


  13. Very strange OT. The Preds had the puck most of it, but seemed scared to do anything with it. When the Rangers got it, they went for it. Preds played not to lose, Rangers played to win.


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