26 thoughts on “Happy Festivus!”

  1. Forgive me if I chuckle when Eric Stall puts up 3 points and then moons Vigneault on the way off the ice at the end of the game.


  2. LMAO so classic. Now come here and fight your father! haha. Hate to be “that guy” but they’re not beating the Wild. They’ve had an issue with hot goalies and Dubnyk has been dominating the league this year. I hope for a 2-1 win.


  3. Thank you for posting the story of Festivus. Not having watched much Seinfeld, all I knew of the holiday is what I’ve read here on the blog. NOW I understand that the only reason I need eyeglasses to read this blog is only because I’m weak! Happy Festivus everybody!


  4. According to Wiki, John Tonelli is the only player in history to score a regular season goal on an assist by Gordie Howe and another regular season goal on an assist by Wayne Gretzky.

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  5. Seinfeld show is not funny. Jerry Seinfeld is not funny and he’s the biggest d-bag there is. I met him twice and both times he was a s*um-bag. Cheap, obnoxious, rude, dyck.

    Sorry… carry on with festivus.


  6. There is not such a thing as a much vodka for Ukrainian Jews, as well as there are no such a thing as the non-beautiful women, – just too little vodka.

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  7. LOL & LGR !!!
    Rangers 5-2. Zucc with a hattie & a 3 point night for Staal, OUR Staal.
    No airing of grievances tonight. Fun fact, George’s biggest grievance… Shrinkage.


  8. Only got to see extended highlights, though it sure looks like the first line was a first line last night. But, wow, the lousy goaltending the last two, even St. Raanta.


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