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  1. The speed of sound in the ocean is a function of depth, temperature, and salinity. As a result, Hank pitches a shutout while answering my in-game questions during the GO-TIME podcast tonight.


  2. I drove from California to be there, so it was fun reading a new perspective on the game. The Maloney story reminded me of when Mark Messier waved to my girlfriend and me in the parking lot before a game in Anaheim.


  3. I met John G with the Captain Dave Maloney, as they get out of their cab, outside the players entrance of the Shark Tank a few years ago before a Shark-Ranger game.


  4. when I saw her face, I’m a believer. Without a trace of doubt in my mind. When I saw her face I’m a believer, I couldn’t leave her if I tried…..


  5. ‘I’m so young and you’re so old
    This, my darling I’ve been told
    I don’t care just what they say
    ‘Cause forever I will pray
    You and I will be as free
    As the birds up in the trees
    Oh, please, stay by me, Diana’


  6. Attention all ranger bloggers. This is a hostile takeover. Doodie is tied up, spread eagle in my fun house of horrors. I’m now in charge. This is my final warning.


  7. ‘Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Ya-ya-ya, yaaaaaaaaaaa
    Ya-ya-ya, yaaaaaaaaaaa

    Oh, little darlin’
    Oh, little darlin
    Oh-oh-oh where ar-are you
    My love-a
    I was wrong-a
    To-oo try
    To lo-ove two
    A-hoopa, a-hoopa, hoopa
    Kno-ow well-a
    That my love-a
    Wa-as just fo-or you
    Ooooonly yoooooooooooou


  8. 1. brooks predictions in post year end article for all sports

    The Rangers qualify for the playoffs for the seventh straight year in earning wild-card entry to tournament, but go out in the first round for the second straight season, thus leading to an aggressive summer remodeling program.

    2. The Blueshirts send a valuable young asset, perhaps in the form of a draft pick, to Las Vegas in return for the Golden Knights agreeing not to select Antti Raanta in the expansion draft.

    3. The organization retires Jean Ratelleā€™s No. 19 while also honoring Blueshirt immortals Bill Cook and Frank Boucher during 2017-18, the franchiseā€™s 91st anniversary. Next up: recognition for Brad Park, Vic Hadfield and Ron Greschner.


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