It’s Go Time

Our sexy sexy boys go for three in a row tonight vs the hapless Aves. The most handsome goalie in the world is expected between the pipes tonight. The Gnasher has been pushed back as the groin ain’t quite healed. The Pumpernickel looking for his second straight Hattie tonight. Let’s hope likely third pair Don G and Over-rated Shay are play better than last game. I’m expecting JT Miller to have a huge game. Nick Holden returns to Denver for the first time since the Rangers fleeced the Aves in a trade that’s worked well for the Blue-Shirts.

I’ll (E3) be doing the the game review as RR2 is still day to day. We expect him back on the first line soon as his upper body, lower body, mid-body injury heals.

Lets go Rangers!!!


121 thoughts on “It’s Go Time”

  1. 1. brooks predictions in post year end article for all sports

    The Rangers qualify for the playoffs for the seventh straight year in earning wild-card entry to tournament, but go out in the first round for the second straight season, thus leading to an aggressive summer remodeling program.

    2. The Blueshirts send a valuable young asset, perhaps in the form of a draft pick, to Las Vegas in return for the Golden Knights agreeing not to select Antti Raanta in the expansion draft.

    3. The organization retires Jean Ratelle’s No. 19 while also honoring Blueshirt immortals Bill Cook and Frank Boucher during 2017-18, the franchise’s 91st anniversary. Next up: recognition for Brad Park, Vic Hadfield and Ron Greschner.


  2. Alex – thanks for the post. Jean Ratelle deserves a rafter hang for sure. Sad day indeed when Brad Park and Jean Ratelle went to the Bruins. Joe Zanusi I could care less about.

    Worse, as I’m sure you’d all agree was Ken Hodge coming to the Rangers for Rick Middleton. Perhaps the worst trade ever made in any sport.

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  3. Lundqvist with a early gaffe. I wonder if the rangers could convince Lundqvist to lift his NMC so we could protect Ranta. I don’t think the Golden Knights would take Lundqvist and that contract.


  4. Kreider started to wake up again. It appeared Kreider was going to have a break out year until he got hurt and went out of the lineup twice and when he came back he appeared to lose his mojo but he is getting it back, good to see.


  5. Evening ‘heads. Just wanted to wish everybody a Happy The Year.
    Well done with the blog E3. I’m always amazed what can be produced in the can!


  6. Checking in to make sure the blog is smoking with E to the 3 at the helm. NYR took some big hits but PP is strong and THE is back to all CAPS status. Bottom 6 played OK; Hold-on not acclimated to Mile High air. Somebody put an ankle bracelet on Haze tonite!!
    Giving Thanks and Praise to all.
    E3 be the DJ toastmaster, boyeeeeeeee!!!!


  7. Happy, safe, and healthy new year to all!!

    Lake como is awesome, I’ve spent days and days there…beautiful.

    I did.

    Well done sir!

    I voted shampoo boy, hated, and enigma…in no particular order


  8. Norm
    Thanks bro. I wish you all the best in 2017 and a beer in Bozeman!

    Again, completely unobtainable goal 😉


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