5 thoughts on “This is a Test. Testing 1,2,3, check check, testing 1,2, check, check.”

  1. We are going to do something different during tonight’s GO TIME. I’ll be running a live podcast with none other than that handsome GQ man with the plan, #30, THE KING himself during the game. When the puck in the offensive zone, I’ll be asking Hank various questions that I’ve not made up yet. Feel free to fire some thoughts y’all might have at me and I’ll be sure to air them live, no jive, beehive, I’m alive, number 5, let’s strive, take a dive, my man Clive



  2. People, Columbus is for real. I’m watching the jackets against the wild in Minnesota. Wild were down 1-0, were starting to get frustrated, they tough guys started to run jacket players and the jackets tough guys got into it and 2 fights broke out and the jacket players did pretty well in the scrum, than right after in a minutes time score 2 more goals to go ahead 3-0. The jackets have finally arrived and they are for real. They have the perfect team, talent and toughness, wicky’s type of team. There built for the playoffs.


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