6 thoughts on “Habs 5 NYR 4 WTF???”

  1. No excuses. The Canadiens were not good, the Rangers should have put them away, didn’t. Sure they’ll get Zibanejad back, but lose someone else, get Staal back, lose someone else. They’re as healthy as they can reasonably hope to be. I’d give them five more games to see if they can put it back together. If they can’t, the speed and skill experiment may be declared over, and the trading begins. The only good news is that there’s no team in the NHL that’s a prohibitive favorite at this point.


  2. Un F’ing believable – I typed a long and very good game review and Poof it vanished. So retyped another – just F’ing finished at 3am and poof – it disappears

    I’m majorly ******* pissed

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