25 thoughts on “All Star Game… It’s Go Time!”

  1. good to see Ratelle wearing a Rangers jersey. Have to say it looks good for his jersey to be retired. Can see Parks retired too maybe at ceremony for both with both in nhl 100.

    I understand why but Gretzky should be wearing Oiler jersey.


  2. Speaking of All Stars…
    According to “Page Six” website:

    “Sean Avery is not known for his sensitive personality or boyish charm.

    The former New York Ranger bumped into a pedestrian while thoughtlessly riding a fold-up bike on the sidewalk.

    The incident took place on Astor place at about 3:20 p.m. Thursday. Witnesses said Avery raced past a pedestrian who shouted, “They don’t call it a sidebike,” which caused the hot-tempered former ice-hockey player to double back and continue the argument. The confrontation continued with the pedestrian explaining bikes are not for sidewalks.

    Avery responded by calling the pedestrian a “little beech” twice before riding off”

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  3. “Brad Park in a Bruins jersey, Horrid.”
    Add to that,
    Jean Ratelle in a Bruins
    Eddie Giacomin in a Red Wings Jersey
    Brian Leetch in Maple Leafs/Bruins jersey
    Mark Messier in a Canucks jersey

    I’m sure there’s more.


  4. Well Jean Ratelle in a Rangers jersey was the only redeeming occurrence. Otherwise, this entire all star weekend is a boring waste of time.


  5. Fwiw, the girl singing the US anthem just needed to sing it right…it was all drawn out like the little Richard version on mystery Alaska.

    Also thought messier should have been in a rangers jersey, his most defining moment in his career imho.

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  6. Wicky, I was thinking of that movie today as a way to describe the all star game. Just an awesome pick up game.

    Doodie Jr. Is getting old enough to start learning how to skate so I went skating for the first time in a looooooong time (terrible feet and ankle problems) to basically get my feet under me again. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it. But after about 30 minutes, my feet were howling with pain again, a reminder of why I had to stop.


  7. Doodie
    Glad jr got to skate…sucks about your feet/ankles.

    Poor mcdonut, on a team with a guy that sucker punched him and another guy that rag dolled him across the ice.


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