Predators at Rangers…It’s Go Time!

PREDATORS (26-19-8)
RANGERS (34-18-1)

GAME #53.

Hey, kids! Odessa’s in da house once again! How bout that weather, eh?

Our sexy sexy boys looking for their fourth straight win.

Juuse Saros is expected to start for the Preds for second time in as many games against the New York Rangers this season. Last time it took a shootout game winning goal by Jimmy Vesey for the Rangers to beat Saros. Let’s hope the Rangers continue to stay hot tonight and neat the Preds in regulation.

Lundqvist in net.

Puree and Pumpernickel are healthy scartaches.

Danny G will not play. Ankle.


305 thoughts on “Predators at Rangers…It’s Go Time!”

  1. hey, good evening everyone!! back from 6 weeks in Europe! Nice to be watching the rejuvenated, Hanka Hanka-shampoo-boys!!! LGR!!!!


  2. I don’t want to hear about they leaders, their family’s life and how good and important are they for their team Annoying!


  3. That was Staal turning over the puck and Step not marking his man out of the corner on that goal. But blame the kid because he was near the guy not the 2 Captains…

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  4. Mama, thanks, missed being here! Just traveling. Recent empty nester, you know. Always wanted to hang in Prague, Vienna, Paris, Krakow, more than a few days. So, we did.


  5. First period they have controlled play in a long time. D pinching up to challenge rush before red line. O had some prime scoring opps but didn’t convert.


  6. Matty – I’m always in awe of places that are thousands of years old especially when, as I have said before, we Americans make Walter’s Hot Dog Stand an historic monument. Plus, I’ve heard from travelers that the beer in Prague is the best in the world…?


  7. Yes, Coos. Agreed on all accounts. Can’t beat thousand year old, well preserved buildings. A lot of them are red stone. Very pretty. As for the beer, there are certain places that just kill it. I haven’t been to Octoberfest/Berlin. Supposed to be good there, too.


  8. I remember watching Miller at the WJC during the last strike. I was impressed then.

    he has had his growing pains, but has developed into one hell of a NHL’er


  9. Just got home a little while ago and only 10 minutes into first period, so far…
    Someone needs to tell Sam Switzerland is NOT a Scandinavian nation.

    Tough collision with beep beep and Ellis

    I like that Watson kid from Nashville

    Staal and skjel still can’t play on the wall

    Will read comments later, don’t want any spoilers


  10. What colossal nonsense, staring for five minutes at an eight inch screen. Heard today that MLB wants to start every extra inning game with a man on second. Maybe they should just play 3 on 3.


  11. I saw Poeschek start a bench clearing brawl during warm-ups in Binghamton one time. We walked into the arena a half hour before gametime and they were all over the ice, fighting. And there were no officials present to break anything up.


  12. I went to Foxwoods once. Would have had a better chance of winning if I stayed in my room and flushed quarters down the toilet one at a time.


  13. Hey Carp…when are you going to be appearing on The Hockey Show with former NHL star Anson Carter? Now that you guys are associates and all.


  14. I voted hated, no Doritos, and enigma…in no particular order.

    Man, that Colorado (former sabre) D man zadorov can really hit.


  15. Another good character game. Agree with @Carp about The Machine – he is playing fairly responsibly and taking the role of pest/agitator. The M/H/G line has to be close to a goal a game on the season. Making Hockey Great (Again?) Many Huge Goals Gotta Have Magic

    @cooscoos: When are they doing to declare Sal’s a historic site?


  16. Been a lot of back and forth about who to protect and is Cy Young/Beep Beep/Grabber a one year wonder, I reference a comment made by esteemed Blogfather Carp; the last time this team went to SCF, their ‘3rd’ line was their best line.
    This guy is Hags with hands. You have to keep him for $1.5 due next year at a minimum and possibly extend if he keeps it up. Not sure who this leaves out but this is becoming a big no brainer at this level of production.


  17. Remember that PP pass by Butch to Step on far post; that was impressive. May want to shuffle him and VC up and down the Nash/Step line to see if they can get some chemistry.


  18. Tax Free has a no trade. Maybe Stevie Y isn’t as smart as we thought. Any interest in Adam McQuaid as depth rental on D?


  19. Bdl
    Yes on McQuaid, but I’ve always liked him. I think he’d be a whipping boy in no time here. (All the speed only guys would be all over him…he’s more mobile than many think).

    If the price was low enough, I’d definitely take a flyer on the other Hayes from Boston (and it should be low enough)

    Watch the rangers trade a good prospect and a high draft pick for Boyle from Tampa lol (just kidding btw)


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