263 thoughts on “It’s Go Go Time”

  1. Found my way here for the first time today – really REALLY great to see what’s been done here (many thanks to Doodie and all contributing) – it’s a well deserved tribute to DAH MAN, Carp! Wish I had known there was never any need to fear!
    And fantastic to see the NYR finally recognize (with a little help from the NHL and the respect shown by the other top 99) one of the greatest ever to wear the NYR jersey. Rather than a Flyers game, I hope they’ll plan Ratty’s ceremony for a Bruins game at MSG next year (a la the Glen Wesley ceremony in Carolina) – and invite Park to be a part of it along with Rocky, Hadfield, Eddie and Tkaczuk. I think the NYR are claiming back a big chunk of the soul of the team they lost in 1975.

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  2. E3
    Couldn’t vote for him or that lying elitist Clinton. Wrote in a candidate. He sucks, but we would have been in just as bad shape with Clinton.


  3. No regrets yet. Guaranteed entertainment every day from the admin. and the press. We’ll see about the substance. But back to the power play…looks good, but no cash yet.


  4. Perfect example that time of why the rule needs to go. McD’s skate is up, then down, has NOTHING TO DO with the goal being scored. Client gets off on a technicality.


  5. I’d rather see a rivalry game with spit and grit and animosity and hatred…oh wait, this team doesn’t have any rivals to get amped up for.


  6. There are 3 NHL coaches I always worried about, because they are looking very stroke ready – Trotz, Boudreau and Hitchcock. Dangerous job for that type…


  7. E3
    It’s ok, we can agree to disagree. I know you liked her, but in my over educated opinion, she was nothing more than an elitist lying con artist and it would still suck.


  8. Can someone please explain why Stephan is put out for the power play? He refuses to shoot and is way too slow to get to loose pucks.

    Does he have a NMC or NTC? If not Gorton should consider moving him at trade deadline, maybe as part of package for Duschene.


  9. 4evs, I’ll have a game report if you need one. Email me if you want it, no worries otherwise…first complete game I’ve been able to watch (I hope!) and having fun with regawdless.


  10. Wicky – my brutha, I hate his azz much much much way way way more than I liked her. But she’d have been much better IMO. But yes, agree to disagree.


  11. I have a 84 inch screen that is housed on the wall of my throne room. I can sit and watch the game while laying more cable than anyone in Dolan’s employ

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  12. coos, thanks, no idea what doodie calls himself. No worries irri-godless. I’ll just post it as a message tonight if I don’t hear anything.


  13. Not sure what was worse: what happened last night in Sweden or last week in Bowling Green: my heart goes out to everyone that wasn’t hurt by what never happened.


  14. coos, that’s OK, – good lesson on style an application. Thanks, I’m not kidding when say, that I really constantly try to learn from the best…Bow…


  15. That is such a lazy penalty. The had him with a good back-checking burst, then stopped skating and held. Completely unnecessary.


  16. Goal. Now to see if they were offside. I wonder what percent of games Ovi scores from his office on the PP. Deflected shot, but he was left alone.

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  17. Norm – you know why the ivory tower can’t stand Drumpf? It’s because we believe in fact, scientific reasoning, and truth. Harvard says it with one word Veritas. I’m surprised you don’t understand that. I thought you an intelligent person.

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  18. E3, I’m fine with your snowflaking, really–I love lefties. Koufax especially. Gordie Howe even more impressive, could shoot from the right or left!


  19. Norm – do you know where the term “snowflake” originated??? From nazi Germany’s concentration camps. As the Jews were incinerated, their ashes filtered out into the air and landed like snowflakes. I’m not Jewish, but fugg you anyway.

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  20. Nice try E3, but that’s a Godwin’s Law violation. Intentional? Anyway, I’m referring to the snowflake generation, as I am sure you know, but manufacture outrage if you must!


  21. Told you they’d win today : D
    Glad they left Johansson on the door step for a big chance w time running out. I call that beating Washington “the usual way”


  22. I want to know how many times Lundqvist has beaten Washington 2-1 in his career regular season and post season combined


  23. The non-victims that didn’t suffer harm yesterday in Sweden are rejoicing. Hank dedicated this win to them and their struggle.


  24. [piecing this out, sorry–there’s some illegal letter combination somewhere] Don’t think that’s what was going on, E3. This one I believe is a result of our new president’s fabulous inarticulateness…


  25. My apologies to contributing to the political discussion here, by the way, to those who object to it, esp. coos and Blogmama. I didn’t start it, but I admit I’m no fan of political echo chambers and couldn’t resist responding. Will leave it alone for the foreseeable.

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  26. I’m going to throw this out there being PROUDLY independent…people scream “fake news” now about everything but were ok with the Clinton and Obama lies about a YouTube video “causing” the Benghazi attack? Please form the hypocrite over by the chase ledge.

    Also, bear in mind if Obama had not done such a crap job during his 2 terms, you would not be dealing with trump now.

    As far as voting third party (or writing in as I did), kudos to those who did. Nice to see those who refuse to be sheeple and go with the herd just because. Thank you for having your own thoughts and being an independent thinker.

    Exactly the problem with this country, people will vote for a crap candidate (don’t kid yourself, there were 2 crap assed “main party” candidates) because others tell them to.

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  27. Wicky – as a patriot, I’m sure you’re quite unhappy with Russia interfering with our election. Malcolm Nance, another true patriot says this administration is moving into Benedict Arnold territory.

    As for the rust belt workers that have lost their jobs, Drumpf ain’t bringing them back. Robots do a majority of those jobs cheaper 24/7. Obama isn’t the reason Trump won. An ignorant bunch of people were conned by the Orange Fuhrer.


  28. Wow Rangers win! I have been out with the wife all day DVR’D the game and just finished watching it! Nice win! My coffee will taste benter in the morning! Love the game winner ZKZ!


  29. like wicky said we were given a choice of 2 abysmal candidates. there were moderates of both parties who were far better choices. but the future is heading towards more and more polarization as extremists from both parties are hijacking their respective sides.

    i am darn proud to have voted but for neither clinton or trump.

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  30. Please don’t turn this place into a political place. I don’t care what any of you think of the president. I do care what you think of Stepan, Kreider, Nash, and any other Ranger related opinions.

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  31. Steering clear of politics, let’s get back to the “fake news” that Hank always blames his teammates for goals against. I got a laugh out of Staal’s postgame quote: “I think if we are not giving those Grade-A looks right in the slot, or with guys in front of him, [Hank’s] going to see them and he’s going to save most of those,” Marc Staal said. “Just being accountable in our own end, a lot of talk, getting sticks, moving guys out of the way — and listening to him when (Lundqvist) screams at us.”


  32. To whoever is the editor tonight, here comes a game report, which you can repost or ignore as you wish. Fun task, though time-consuming, and now I appreciate previous reporters with even more respect.

    “Good game for the Rangers, obviously. But from the Caps point of view, it was not their A game, to say the least. Gives you an appreciation for how well the Rangers have played in game two’s of back-to-backs. The Caps didn’t take long to open up Route One in the middle of the ice, and the Rangers had one break or near-break after another. The Caps knew they were lucky to be down only 2-0, and had their coaches to thank. I need Carp to come up with something like his shootout-after-the-game-ends acronym for the insufferable offside-after-the-goal-has-been-scored rule, one that I hope hits the trash bin off in the off-season. Gifted the 1-goal deficit, they finally broke through with some good passing against a good PK, catching a bit of a break on the deflected goal, but it might have gone in anyway. But…that was it. The Caps had a chance or three the rest of the way, but from the equalizer to the end, the hosts owned this game and visitors clearly ran out of gas. What a great faceoff 1-2-3 to win it. As good a win, though an admittedly flat game all around, as the Rangers have earned this season. Some observations:

    A) Hayes stamped himself all over that first period. Some terrific passing from him but a reminder he needs a couple thousand more hours of drilling before he adds goal-scoring to his list of talents. He failed to look the puck onto his tape with a wide-open net. Disappeared in the second, and had a great play in the third to clear the high slot and save a goal. He just keeps getting better.

    B) Good on McDonagh for not peeling out but instead following his shot and showing the patience of a natural goal-scorer on the follow-up. Couldn’t have happened without Nash tying things up in front there, nice that he got an assist, though I didn’t see him touch the puck.

    C) Lundqvist had a shaky-looking first period, including yet another fumble attempting to stick-handle behind the net. I often wonder whether he should just leave those alone entirely. Probably not a good idea overall—he gets it right more often than not, as he did in the third when he ate the puck effectively and waited for help—but the coaching staff has probably wondered more than once about the stay-in-the-crease option. A couple of big saves, though, especially in the middle of the game, and giving up one against the Caps is always a good accomplishment.

    D) It’s interesting to watch how the overly-concussed Staal goes about his business these days. He’s no banger, if he ever was, but he does a good job of angling guys into the boards, easing them off the puck. There are better defensemen, to be sure, but his experience does show. Does the little things well.

    E) I’m loving me some Zibanajad. When he first came up, not that I saw him that much, he seemed to be all flash. Now that he’s a seasoned pro, while he still has the flash, he’s become a solid player all around. Easy to see now how much the team missed him during those doldrums. Key piece of the puzzle, yooj faceoff win for the deciding goal.

    F) That offside rule is so ridiculous. Close offside calls are missed all the time, but if there’s a goal, all hell needs to breaks loose? Let’s say a missed call were to lead to a heavy forecheck that wears down the opponent and results in a goal later on. Can a coach ask for a replay and then request a free time-out to make up for the “unfair” forecheck? NHL bigwigs have to know what a game-killer it is. Best case, the home fans get a cheer of relief if it goes their way, knowing in truth that they’ve just been scored on. Fix it!

    G) Holden gifted the Caps a 2-on-1 early, but cleaned it up (with Lundqvist) very nicely. And his trying to block Ovi’s shot in the second led to a goal. Admirable but perhaps getting out of the way and being first to the rebound if there is one? Good game overall along with his five sidekicks.

    H) Grubauer, I thought, had a nice game, though he didn’t need to make any spectacular saves. The’s breakaway attempt, for example, was not much of one. Why he didn’t go to his backhand move, which is nearly impossible to stop when he’s carrying speed, I have no idea. (He almost scored on that one in the third coming in from the boards.) But as much as Grubauer was not spectacular, nor did he suck, which is often good enough.

    I) And the only two times he was beaten, Grube’s D hung him out to dry. Shambolic Caps’ defending on both Rangers goals. The Rangers’ defense on the other hand, while much maligned at times this season, showed why every now and then, their deep, no-stars rotation can be highly effective. Very few mistakes this afternoon, and very many good clearances and passes out of the zone.

    J) Buchnevich, I think, is riding the struggle bus. He had one very good forecheck going in the second, for example, doing his part to keep a cycle going, but was pushed over from behind with ease, coughed it up, out of the zone it went. He’ll stay on the 4th line, I think, until he learns how to add the boring, grindy stuff to his game.

    K) Zucc had a below-average game, to my eyeballs, right up to his terrific play in the winner. He had a horrible pass on a 2nd-period 2-on-1, one which had it gone through—low odds there—would still not have been any good. Not his day, I thought, but later, when it counted: Boom! Great feet, then great hands. Key goal in a statement game, especially for a guy who’s been getting it the neck for his lack of scoring this year. Hope it’s a streak-starter.

    L) Grabner is downright scary on the PK. Had the Caps’ pointmen on their heels whenever he was out there. With good reason. The first kill (thanks, Oscar, for the dumb o-zone penalty) was a breeze.

    M) After the first period, the Rangers must have thought it was their game to lose, five-six grade-A’s squandered. But they were pretty tight through 25 minutes, until the post rang at about mid-game. Was it Wilson shooting? Can’t remember, but the shot was going wide until Lundqvist deflected it, slightly. At that point, the Caps were sustaining some good forechecks and I was thinking they, too, must be worrying about lost opportunities biting them in the end.

    N) Then The committed one of the dumbest penalties you’ll ever see, made all the more needless by the fact that he had put in a good effort just prior, with an eye-catching backcheck. But he grabbed like a lobster and the Caps got the PP winner soon thereafter. At the end of the second, even if the Rangers had blown slightly more chances, 1-1 was about the right score IMO.

    O) Breaking down the PP goal, looking at the replays, the Rangers didn’t do a lot wrong on the play, but if I had to pick on anyone, it would be Stepan, who I thought slight overplayed his corner of the box, which sucked Nash and Holden in to help, leaving Ovi too much time to shoot. Who knows if the undeflected shot might have gone in, but Lundqvist was square, so that much was good, too.

    P) Boy, can Vesey be bad in-zone. He had one shift in particular that was a near parody of a runaround, as he skated from man to man executing flyby sweepchecks, the puck always a tick ahead of his late charges. The Rangers are lucky to have him, a solid rookie. But he’s still a rookie.

    Q) In the second, Klein had a textbook breakup of a 2-on-1, and I thought he was the best Rangers defender in the game, McD’s big goal notwithstanding.

    R) I remember thinking, when the Rangers then blew a THREE-on-one—I think it was the otherwise solid Zibanajad who slowed the play down and passed it away, ignoring his trailer—that the home team deserved to lose this one. So many instances of poor execution in the o-zone, but to their credit, they stayed with it, never hung their heads that they weren’t cashing in, especially after having their second goal Fedex-ed to Toronto.

    S) Speaking of which, the power play looked good both times. Good pressure, made the Caps work, scored once. Good enough, perhaps, to have the Caps think penalties weren’t worth taking, subconsciously or otherwise. The goal and the good passing should give the PP units some confidence moving forward.

    T) How weird was that Miller injury interlude? Down on the ice behind the play, who knows how badly hurt, and…commercial break! Then we have to wait for five minutes for the replay, which showed if not a from-behind penalty, certainly a play worth discussing. But the moment had passed. Fairly crappy coverage there.

    U) Speaking of crappy coverage, how about the crappy ice? Starting off with Skjei in the first minutes, guys were losing their edges all day long.

    V) It looked as though it would be a squander-thon to begin the third. First, Vesey tried the JV move, off a pass from Stepan, of trying not once but twice to shoot the puck through Grubauer’s right pad. Oscar, not to be outdone, soon submitted his entry for Worst Attempt at Net of the season. Shoot, I guess he thought, toward the net’s area code, hope for a chip on the ice?

    W) Back to the winning goal, how great would it be if the Rangers could pull off a three-man weave like that one more often! Zib wins the faceoff the easy way, shove-passes forward to TK’s tape; he skates through the circle, hits a good-enough pass to Zucc’s feet; then Zucc commits magic. Yes, it helps that the Caps were as stationary as tin table-hockey players with nobody on the knobs, but a nice play nevertheless.

    X) Loved to death the way the Rangers closed out the game after the winner, putting the Caps to sleep for almost twelve minutes of near-perfect, responsible, defensive hockey, with the occasional two-man forecheck thrown in. Always three back, and kept the puck on the perimeter in their own zone. Lundqvist easily handled the one or two times there was a threat, and the game ticked off the clock as quickly as I can recall. A tiny push 6 on 5, as you’d expect, but from the Caps point of view, meh.”

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  33. For the love of God, could we please keep this site the one place where political talk is left at the door!?! All politicians suck and all politics suck.

    We have more important things to discuss – like getting the NHL to fix this offside video review garbage before someone loses a playoff game/series because of it. And of course, with the Rangers luck it will be the Blueshirts.

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  34. Also, I need Carp’s help. Is McDonagh a good captain again because he scored or is he a bad one because it was his flamingo at the blue line that cost the Rangers a PPG? 🙂


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