New York Rangers history…

Hello kids. CCCP here. Meant to post this yesterday but again, forgot. Here is a little something something from “On this day in New York Rangers history”. Enjoy.



March 11th 1986, native New Yorker Nick Fotiu (Staten Island) was traded to the Calgary Flames for future considerations.

Fotiu was loved by Rangers fans for his fighting style, which he picked up as a golden gloves boxer, and that he was the first New York City player to suit up for the Rangers. Fotiu’s popularity as a Ranger was enhanced by his willingness to throw pucks up into the Madison Square Garden “blue seats” after pre-game warmups, where previously he sat as a young fan. The “blue seats” were the least expensive and farthest seats from the action, far beyond where pucks would normally land during game play.

Fotiu began his career in the World Hockey Association with the New England Whalers in the 1974–75 season. Two years later, he signed with his hometown Rangers as the enforcer. Fotiu played with the Rangers until 1979, when he was claimed by the Hartford Whalers in the 1979 NHL Expansion Draft.

Fotiu’s second tour with the Whalers ended when he was traded back to the Rangers during the middle of the 1980–81 NHL season, where he remained for five seasons. He was traded to the Calgary Flames in 1986 and helped them get to their first Stanley Cup finals appearance. Fotiu also played for the Philadelphia Flyers and briefly with the Edmonton Oilers before retiring from hockey.



Vintage hockey.



32 thoughts on “New York Rangers history…”

  1. Torts: “That NY team has an owner who yaks about winning the Stanley Cup and a coach whose underwear’s stuck in his crotch. Got out of there just in time.”


  2. Shattenkirk with the airborne torpedo vs. the Caps. Missed, mostly, so will likely avoid suspension. Or a long one anyway.


  3. Not Howe. Mark Howe has 197 career NHL goals. His brother Marty only 1.

    Not Parise or Stastny either. None of the young ones have 200 goals…yet.


  4. Ukrainian bastage!!!! 😉

    Long time reader, first time poster….
    Brooks must still be reading my posts and using them in his articles again…this time buying out staal instead of Girardi

    When all forwards are healthy, it would not shock me in the least to see glass playing and buch sitting (not what I’d do) 90% of the playoff games or more.

    The system the sens play seems to me to be one of the worst matchups for the rangers out there (pens or leaves seems the best possible matchup to me).

    That mtl loss by the rangers was one of the most embarrassing losses I’ve seen a ranger team have in a long time, doesn’t surprise me at all that glass was called up after. Only time in a long long time I’d actually say they were run out of the building.

    Speaking of glass, is someone checking on Norm hourly? No shoe laces, no hoodie strings, no belt for him right?!

    Carp MUST share the him vs brooks story he referenced last week…including player reaction


  5. Ahh, the memories. And it’s always nice to hear Jim Gordon and The Big Whistle, too. Thanks CCCP.

    Cross Check- I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Walter and Keith are related.


  6. Wicky

    Unless the Pens are hurt pretty bad we’d be out quickly against them again.

    I’d gladly take Ottawa. If can’t beat them ……………


  7. Although Dolan sure seems to give Slats a free hand, and most poo-poo my opinion on this, I felt and still feel that Torts’s denigrating the owner was the beginning of the end for him on Broadway. Dolan may not have caused it, but I have the feeling Slats talked privately to Tortorella about it and didn’t like the response.


  8. Dang, going to miss most or all of this must-win game tonight. Busy buying an expensive restaurant, gotta put food on multiple tables.


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