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  1. I would have liked a picture of Dom Moore scoring the lone goal at the Garden back in 2014 and then another of the streamers falling from the roof of MSG…but a blank space with “you’re welcome” works too!

    ps- that’s cheating with the “first”..I officially vote to make you “second” lol

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  2. Hayes: “what if like tonight..I just like pass the puck. like every chance I get. Just like pass it everytime it comes to me. It’s gonna be so cool. know what else is cool? cool ranch doritos. I could eat like maybe 4..no FIVE. 5 bags of them right now.”

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  3. Is this thing on? Sounds like Julien is making some adjustments for tonight. Rangers going with the same lineup as games 4 & 5. Wish this was a 3 oclock game. starting to get antsy


  4. Like I said, going to have to be even better than game 5. I wonder if the refs call the game a little tighter?

    No more dumb penalties. The PK will have to be good. The PP, which is due, needs to get shots and finish.

    I realize this isn’t going out on a limb, but I’m predicting Step has his best game of the series.


  5. Tonight’s refs Chris Rooney and Francois St Laurent.

    Habs 1-0 Rooney 1-2 with St Laurent.
    Rangers 1-3 Rooney 4-2 with St Laurent.


  6. Wicky-I disagreed with your take on buying out Staal over Girardi all year, but I’m starting to question whether I’m starting to agree with you.

    G has certainly been better in this series. Staal has the extra year on his deal. We never know from one game to the next how healthy either one of them is, which is
    a testament to their toughness, (obviously, Girardi in particular).

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  7. they might well not buy out either staal or girardi. buyouts are pretty expensive too and go on for double the remaining contract.

    they might buy out klein with only 1 year left unless they can trade him.

    I certainly don’t want shattenkirk here but hope we can get smith signed.

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  8. I quite honestly think their performance during the regular season was about equal (Girardi much better than staal in the post season so far), but we have way more lefties in the organization than rightys, I think Girardi means more off the stat sheet than staal to the team, and his contract is “slightly” more favourable.


  9. I don’t disagree Norm, but I think their contracts are inflated. A buy out of one the two may or may not offer enough cap relief to make it worth while. Staal’s vision concerns me, particularly as his game begins to decline.

    E3- How much will it cost to resign Smith? How many years? If the price is right, I’m all in.

    Alex-I don’t want Shattenkirk either, but as ILB said, the Rangers will probably make a strong play for him.


  10. Staal and Girardi will not get better, only decline, and, what’s more, decline from a shaky present reality. Looks like the same for DeKlein. Impressed with their will, but not their production. Don’t know how to handle it, but that much must be faced and acknowledged before decisions are made.


  11. Heads, I missed game 5 for the best reason. Friday morning the Mrs. and I welcomed the newest Bonehead to the team. Mom and baby boy are doing great. Tonight, the three of us will watch our first Rangers game together as a family in the hospital room. Let’s hope they make it a good one worthy of the occasion. LGR!!!

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  12. Coos, nice tree ditty.

    🎼The trouble with the maples
    And they’re quite convinced they’re right
    They say the oaks are just too lofty
    And they grab up all the light
    But the oaks can’t help their feelings
    If they like the way they’re made
    And they wonder why the maples
    Can’t be happy in their shade?🎼

    I turned in the complete lyrics for a high school poetry assignment. It was graded a B+. And people say poetry is hard…

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  13. Awesome news! Congrats Rob and the Mrs. and the newcomer!!!

    CCCP, I meant that as a compliment.

    Wick, I missed it. Was it Cairns? Will go back and check.

    Shaw’s injury was lower body earlier in the day, now it’s upper body. Either way, Habs add skill, lose knuckleheadedness. Advantage: Canadiens.

    Staal is not being bought out. He’s top four on just about every team in the league, including the Habs and the Caps. Thinking Girardi won’t be bought out either.

    3-3 after 6.

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  14. On Girardi and Staal Wicky. It’s better to have dinosaur that can see than a one eyed mammal. Buy out Staal!


  15. Sorry Carp Rangers win tonight I feel it! This 3-3 nonsense will end. Hank plays his best game of the year.


  16. Many vet contracts are bloated, just as many early contracts are bargains. I’m not a student of caps and contracts like ilb, but my impressionistic take on this is you’re paying your long-term loyal guys for their careers, not for a particular year, and you’re putting it off as long as you can with your younger guys. On this [excellent] team, you only really care what Staal and Girardi do in the second season. So far so good.


  17. Boys I know it’s the playoffs but I promised my wife a night out and tonight is the night. I will DVR the game and watch it later. So no comments from me during the game. However I am confident that our boys will take it to the Habs. Rangers Win! I feel it!


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