32 thoughts on “New Post”

  1. Carp I hope G lands somewhere like Detroit and does well. I was sorry to see him go although I get the need. More sorry to lose Step, Antti, and Oscar. Hopefully Gorton has some tricks up his sleeve to go with all that Cap space…


  2. Carp check into the athletic.com that mirtle and others are running. they charge subscriber fees and they’ve been adding cities little by little. no ny presence yet.

    go for it.


  3. If it wasn’t for tax rate, i wouldn’t be shocked to see him in Toronto


  4. Danny G will play somewhere in the NHL next season. He was a cap casualty. For second or third pair dollars he is quite a value. He is still better than Rozinval who has his name on the cup a couple of times.


  5. Carp-Clearly, MSG.com needs to add a Rangers (Bonehead) blog featuring Carp’s Game Reviews, the occasional Charp and of course Go Time Treads.

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  6. Thank you Carp. I wasn’t around as long as a lot of these guys, (Used to go by “Ohh-Baby”), but truly appreciate your work.


  7. Nothing interesting it seems today. Danny G to detroit? Not so sure, but he’ll land somewhere at under $2m for a year or two, play 3rd pair and PK and teach the kids about shot blocking and playing through pain.

    I still love watching that 24/7 clip of him announcing the starters, i’ll bet he ripped the $hit out of Miller, Haze, Bucha, Kreider, VZ and the other kids in the locker room.

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