Rangers fall to Arizona 5-0

Hello gang, no go time post obviously but I figured yous could use a clean slate.

It was this time last year when the bottom fell out for the Rangers. As Yogi said “it’s de ja vu all over again” It’ll  probably get worse before it gets better too.

We may see Gorton start to make some deals here before we get to the deadline.

42 thoughts on “Rangers fall to Arizona 5-0”

  1. Today was another mutilation in a string of mutilations.
    The trade deadline can’t arrive soon enough. Shampoo boy needs out badly…just for his mental health. A couple more games like today and he’ll be getting a scrip for thorazine.
    Shatteredkirk needs to go….but who would be kind enough to take him off our hands?


  2. The window has closed, the horse has left the barn and the ship has sailed. Has a Ranger team fished dead last since the expansion to 12 teams? This one has a real chance to do it. I knew they would be bad didn’t expect this bad. No UFAs will come t his team except to retire. It is going to be a long, hard slog from here to respectability. They have become the Knicks on skates


  3. If they don’t make smart trades and smart draft picks…..Sam’s “this one will last a lifetime” will be unfortunately prophetic.

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  4. I can’t lie. This stuff cracks me up. I think it’s cuz there’s a part of me that realizes I don’t give a crap and that makes me laugh. Cuz everyone looks and sounds miserable. It’s funny to me. Times get tough in life. Most aspects of life, A) you don’t have to answer questions about it everyday, but B) most people going through tough times aren’t cashing 5figure checks every month.
    Be clear, this is a trying year. But you guys are all playing and coaching hockey and getting paid handsomely. Don’t get too doom and gloomy. Just give it your honest best, everyone, and that’s the best you can do, and like Chris drury would say, don’t let it ruin your weekend so to speak


  5. Jpp I’m guessing you are saying most of us don’t make anthing even within a light year of the salaries that players in pro sports are paid….yet almost always put out the best they can…but not so much the pampered athletes. I would say that that is an axiom.


  6. I actually wasn’t saying anything like that. Just that. Yeah it would suck if on our bad days we had a camera, 6 people asking questions, and 10 of thousands of people who are gonna read or watch it. But it would also make it alil easier to swallow if we were cashing 5-7 figure checks every month


  7. I think society rewards knowing how to do just enough to meet there obligations, so no I would not say most people In normal walks of life give it their all. But it’s the one who do, who get rewarded.
    There’s a saying. We get all we get, for giving. That we receive in relationship to what we give.


  8. Jpp….not the first time I misunderstood something. I’m sure it won’t be the last.
    At any rate it’s not so much that the Rangers have hit the wall…the wall has hit them…. It’s not so much the losing it’s just that they just can’t seem to keep up with the competition right now….and it’s ugly.

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  9. E3..they will win some…..and lose a whole lot more. Just about 10 days ago I was feeling a bit optomistic and now things are back to normal….pessimism central.
    Being a Ranger fan is like being bipolar or so it seems.


  10. October 1975, wasn’t that right before the Park & Ratelle trade to Boston as well as Giacomin being waived and Villemure being traded. Maybe we will see moves of a similar magnitude.


  11. Rick Carpiniello
    Verified account

    Breaking: The Rangers are not a very good team. They happen to be rebuilding, for those who missed the announcement. If you didn’t expect this …

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  12. I know Brooks needs to write about something and I get why a trade might be a spark to pick up Zucc’s dismal season. But I don’t understand why it makes sense for Gorton to sell low when Zucc is struggling and may in fact still be suffering from lingering effects of his groin pull. Furthermore, if Gorton traded Zucc now, he might have to eat some salary which could limit his options at the deadline to do so in another deal.

    There’s always the risk that Zucc’s groin injury could get worse or that he could suffer a different injury, but it would seem to make more sense to wait until at least the week of the desdline to trade him.


  13. agreed on waiting a while to trade him Tom K

    Colin Stephenson

    Ticketholders can get a free All American Burger at participating stores tomorrow because the Coyotes scored four (plus) goals.


  14. Carp is right – the majority of the fan base can’t accept a rebuild. Face it folks, this is what a rebuild looks like. You are going to get a lot of lousy losses, a well-played loss here and there, and maybe a stretch of a couple of games where they give you hope (see the 9-1-1 stretch).

    Guess what? It is going to get worse (believe it or not) before it gets better – especially if Jeff Gorton backs up the truck and starts moving everyone he can.

    That is why the Rangers are turning to that great hockey analyst Dante Alighieri for their new slogan for the rest of the season – one that will be hung outside MSG and their practice facility.

    “All hope abandon ye who enter here.”


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