George Grimm – Reminiscing with Steve Baker

Another gem from George Grimm today.  We have one more. Don’t forget to buy his book in September when it is released.  Great work as always, George.

Reminiscing with Steve Baker

by George Grimm

Steve Baker seemed destined to be the Rangers goaltender of the future after going undefeated in nine of his first ten starts in his NHL debut. Destiny had other plans however as Steve’s career was derailed by a devastating groin injury from which he never fully recovered.

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George Grimm – Reminiscing with Bob Froese

Hey folks, another great piece here by George Grimm. We will have two more to help round out the summer before training camp starts.  And don’t forget to buy his book when it is released in September!!

Reminiscing with Bob Froese

by George Grimm 

Bob Froese began his hockey journey on the frozen ponds and rinks of St. Catharines Ontario where he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a goaltender.

Bob Froese; ‘It’s funny when I was a kid I would put catalogs on my legs for pads and stuff like that but the funniest thing that I thought was pretty ingenious, I went downstairs to drain my mother’s bleach bottle which was white to make a mask. So I made little cut outs and thought it was great. I had strings tied around it to hold it on but I didn’t wear it too long before I was ready to pass out. I didn’t realize I was asphyxiating myself from the smell of the bleach. You learn fast or die young.”

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George Grimm: Reminiscing with Billy Fairbairn

Blog favorite George Grimm has given me a few columns to use. I’m running one today, and then three in August, including two previously unreleased interviews. He has a book coming out in September about the Emile Francis era that you should all definitely buy multiple copies of. Thanks, George, and great work as always!

Reminiscing with Billy Fairbairn

by George Grimm

“Everybody liked Billy Fairbairn. Billy Fairbairn was quiet. He hit, he worked hard, he took his hits and he played up and down that wall. And you could trust him every step of the way. You knew what he was gonna do, and he didn’t play dirty. He was a good guy” – Derek Sanderson.

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So, What Now?

What now? Let me tell you what now. I’ma call….Where is Eddie? 🙂

According to CapFriendly, NY currently has $3,050,556 in cap space, with 12 forwards ( Fast and Puempel included), 7 D-men ( including DeAngelo), and 2 Goaltenders.

Fast isn’t projected to return until November, and most of the potential young guns who will be fighting for a roster spot or two ( Andersson, Pionk, Bereglazov etc. ), carry a Cap Hit of $925K. Not much room to maneuver, considering that Gorton would like to save some space for potential deadline deals.

Despite multiple reports that the deadline to buy out Staal was yesterday, I do not believe it’s correct. I believe that 48 hour window started yesterday, as it was the 3rd day of Zibanejad’s contract signing. I’d like some lawyers to read Paragraph 13 (c)(ii) of Standard Player Contract and tell me what they think. I hate legal g(j)ibberish.

Regardless, they are not going to buy Staal out. Too expensive, and you can get much worse if you try and replace him on 3rd pair.

Zibanejad Arbitration Today

*UPDATE* The Rangers and Zibanejad agree on a five year, 5.35 AAV contract extension.  Frankly, it appears as if the Rangers blinked first, so credit Zibanejad and his new agent, who I believe is his brother in law, for getting a very favorable contract.

There is still time to get a deal done, but that time is running short. They could also have the arbitration and then strike a long term deal before the arbitrator renders his decision, just as the Red Wings and Tatar did.

I would write more about timing and rules, but I am just swamped. I’m sure someone smarter than me will fill you all in later today.