Rangers-3, Columbus-5

Good Morning, Boneheads. “Welcome to NY Rangers hockey. Sort of…”

Sorry, I saw an opportunity for the Bob Euker line from Major League 2 and couldn’t resist!

The Rangers lost to Torts’ Blue Jackets. Didn’t have the opportunity to see the game so I won’t bore you with my thoughts. As soon as Carp’s review is up I’ll update this with a link to the Athletic for everyone but BDL.

Carpiniello: Rough return for Lundqvist after several games off

Rangers vs. Blue Jackets… It’s Go Time!

RR2 Here in place of ilb. If you thought this was an HAV before, oh man, wait until you see what’s coming up for the rest of this week.

Game 72ish. I’m not checking. The games haven’t mattered for a while now.

The Rangers have the opportunity to play spoiler tonight. No, not for the Blue Jackets, but for their own draft lottery odds. Stop winning! Regulation losses only, please. We still can get down as far as 7th.  A couple of weeks ago, we were looking at potentially going as low as 4th. That’s what a few wins at this time of the season will do for you.

Tonight’s projected lineup: they will ice a full team. Lundqvist in goal for sure, and beyond that, who knows. I don’t frankly care to look it up.  I only care about watching theyoung players and seeing their effort and potential. Best case scenario from here on out is try hard, but lose. Everything is all about the future.

With Lundqvist in goal, my focus would be on the defense prospects like Pionk and Gilmour.  There has been some rumbling that Lias Anderson will be up on Thursday to play the 1st of his 9 games.  Chytil should follow two games later. That’s when the forwards will actually matter again.

Also of note, Ryan Lindgren might turn pro and sign with the Rangers. Maybe he gets an NHL game or two, but more than likely he goes to the AHL.

It’s Go Time!

Rangers ( 32-32-7 ) vs Blues ( 37-28-5 ). TV-MSG+. 8 pm start.

The Blues with 79 points are outside looking in, trailing the Stars by five points for the second wild card. They have two games in hand. Another desperate team.

Something tells me our boys like being the spoilers.

Same lineup. Holland prucha’d.

Georgiev ( third game in a row ) in net.


Game Day

Good morning, boneheads!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We don’t have too many of these left unfortunately. The game days, that is. Not St. Patties 😃

The other post was getting too long.

I’ll be leaving for the Wickyland tomorrow. Skiing and spending some time with the big guy and his beautiful family. Can’t wait!

I will post the Go Time post tonight, after that Doodie, JamesG, and maybe CCCP will take care of this place.

Here is Carp’s mailbag from yesterday.

Rangers-4, Penguins-3 ( OT )

Good morning, boneheads!

Congratulations to Beezle! He won the contest last night. Two people ( Beezle and BobbyO ) predicted the score correctly, which I found pretty impressive considering most of the boneheads predicted their loss. So everyone who thought the Rangers would lose, eat your collective hearts out! 🙂

Beezle won by predicting Rangers shots 32 ( 33 ), BobbyO’s number was 29 ( 33 ).

Can both of you guys please email me at ilbster@yahoo.com

I hope you all listened to Kreider’s postgame interview last night. If not, go back to the end of previous post. Pretty impressive. That’s why we should all realize by now that they will not tank!

Waiting for Carp’s review in the Athletic.

UPDATE: Here is Carp’s game review