It’s Go Time!

The contest is now closed.

Rangers ( 31-32-7 ) vs Penguins ( 40-26-4 ). TV-NBCSN

With the win the Penguins can move into first place in Metro, so I suspect this game’s outcome might please the “tank” group. First time we are seeing BGB at MSG wearing the black and yellow. Ugh….

Anthony ( call me Tony ) DeAngelo is out with the ankle spray, estimated to be out 3-4 weeks, which essentially makes him out for the season. Too bad, I felt like he was just starting to get it defensively. On the other hand, the way this looked on TV, it could’ve been much worse.

Ryan Sproul is taking DeAngelo’s place in the lineup.

Holland is prucha’d.

Georgiev in net.



The Athletic Subscription Contest

The winner gets a one year subscription to the Athletic. If the winner already has one, it can be gifted to someone else you know. All I need is a valid email address which will be used to sign in to the Athletic website. The contest starts now and will go until the Go Time post at 7:30 pm

Some rules.

1. Same as the last contest. I don’t have time to go through hundreds of posts, and check IP addresses for double entries. So if you never posted on Rangers Report 2 ( since Doodie took over), your entry will not count. Apologies in advance, but that’s the only way to avoid spending too much time judging the contest.

2. This one is easy.

– Pick the score. It has to be exact. Not closest. Not margin of victory

– First tiebreaker: Game winning goal

– Second tiebreaker: Rangers’ shots. This one can be the closest, but WITHOUT GOING OVER

– Third tiebreaker: Penguins’ shots. Again, it can  be the closest, but WITHOUT GOING OVER

3.  Can you, bozos, PLEASE copy and paste my entry and make your own changes? It’s just so much easier for me to score it.

Rangers 20, Penguins 1

GWG: Kreider

Rangers shots: 60

Penguins shots: 2

Good luck, and have fun.

Another article by Carp!

Good morning, boneheads!

Carp has been very productive since he joined the Athletic, and it looks like he really missed doing what he does best. We are all lucky that he is back in business, and the place he joined seems to be top notch! They deserve each other.

Here is his story from this morning.

We can probably do a couple of more subscription contests going forward. We will do one today, I’ll post it around 1 pm.

Rangers-6, Hurricanes-3

Good morning, boneheads!

So the Hurricanes are trying to make playoffs this year. They still have a remote chance to do so, very unlikely after last night’s loss. But that’s all you need to know about the mid-pack of this league. There is no reason NY can’t be in the mix next year. The new owner decided that Ron Francis isn’t fit for GM duties. Hard to argue with the roster they have. But their troubles go much deeper than that. Goaltending, luck of forwards depth. You can only do so much with young, puck moving defense. How about the coach? Do you think it was smart to pull Darling that early?

Another thing. While I fully understand they’re damaging their chances of getting high pick by winning, it’s pretty obvious they will not tank. They will play to win games. Why can’t we just enjoy the ride? I am enjoying every game because it’s exciting to see their youngsters grow, and I am not nervous while watching it. Can’t wait to see Andersson and Chytil play in NY very soon.

Finally, the way things look now, if Pionk isn’t playing here in October at the expense of some outside veteran, I will join the crowd of “fire Sather/Gorton/Coach/Dolan/masseuse/etc.

I’ll update this post after Carp’s review shows up in the Athletic.

UPDATE: Here is Carp’s review of last night’s game.


It’s Go Time!

Rangers ( 30-32-7 ) vs Hurricanes ( 30-27-11 ). TV-MSG

Carolina is still hopeful they can make it, so another desperate team.

The Rangers? Well, I hope you realized by now they will not tank!

Add DD to a long list of injured. He is out with a middle body injury ( kidney stones qualify if my anatomy is still ok. That’s a new one too! )

Nobody’s prucha’d.

Georgiev in net.


It’s Go Time!

Rangers ( 30-32-6 ) vs Panthers ( 33-25-7 ). TV-MSG

Our friend Evrockriser is in attendance. He is sitting here, in case you want to try and spot him:

Florida is 3 points out of the second WC position, but they have 3 games in hand on pretty much everyone. They will be desperate.

I am scheduling this post too early in the day to talk about rosters and won’t be able to edit this entry, so you’re on your own as far as who’s playing. As of yesterday Kreider was 50/50 for tonight, so if he can’t play Holland will be in.

Hank in net.