Rangers-Hurricanes In Review

Sorry about dropping the ball yesterday. I feel like I spend more time apologizing than giving you what you deserve.

We have a new guest reviewer, Alex Khalifa. Follow him on Twitter @goodguyinsports. We will also have a bonus review of this game tomorrow.

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Rangers at Sabres … It’s Go Time!

Game 25

Rangers at Sabres – 7:00 PM MSG

Tonight is a one game road trip to Buffalo, the meat on a home games against the Carolina Hurricanes bread sandwich. The Rangers are in a bit of a slump, going 3-3-1 in their past 7 games, but not looking particularly good in any of the games, even the wins. Jimmy Vesey goes to Buffalo for the first time after they traded a third round pick for his rights, only for him to not sign there.

When I get home, my oldest son will need to be put to bed, forcing me to watch the game on a bit of a delay. Clearly, this is an HAV.

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Rangers-Hurricanes in Review

Before I get to the review, I want to repeat my request for volunteers, not just for reviews, but to write guest posts on any subject, especially anything that looks at systems or advanced stats. Also, this is not fight club. Tell everyone you know to come here and participate.

1. This is one of the easier games for me to review because outside of the goals, there isn’t much for me to say at all about the first two periods. If watching the Senators game was watching paint dry, the first two periods against the Hurricanes was the second coat.

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Rangers vs. Hurricanes … It’s Go Time!

Game 24

Rangers vs. Hurricanes – 7:00 PM MSG

Tonight is the first game of an odd stretch where the Rangers play the Hurricanes at home twice in the same week, with a game against the Buffalo Sabres in the middle.  The Rangers are in a bit of a slump, going 2-3-1 in their past 6 games. The Hurricanes won their last game, leading to the Panthers firing their coach.

I’m on my way home from work right now so I’ll be listening to the first period on the radio. Clearly, this is an HAV.

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Rangers vs. Hurricanes; Pregame News & Notes

Below are the pregame news and notes provided by the Rangers, via my anonymous source.  But before I get to those, I wanted to put a couple of things out there for everyone.  First, I want to remind everyone that while I am running this blog, it is a half-assed venture (HAV), meaning that I cannot generate a full blog’s worth of content on my own, nor would I want to. My intent in running this was to keep Carp’s seat warm until he finds something new.  Second, and to that point, while I ask for game review volunteers pretty frequently, especially on weekends, I am very much open to anyone submitting content for publication on this blog. It belongs to all boneheads. As editor-in-chief, I’ll have final veto power over anything crazy, but otherwise it’s free to all for submission at rangersreport2@gmail.com. Finally, would  there be any interest in me doing a podcast?

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Rangers-Senators Postgame Notes & Quotes

James G had a family emergency last night. Everyone is OK, but there’s not going to be a review. I’ll update this with some of the quotes from after the game, but my general impression after watching this game was that our team still has a long way to go this season. We are still very one-dimensional as an offense and need to be able to play more than one kind of game in order to have more consistent success. We are also in a bit of a slump; 2-3-1 in our last six.

The Postgame notes and quotes are from the Rangers, via my anonymous source  the quotes I don’t usually get, but I’m glad I got them for today when I don’t have a review.

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Rangers vs. Senators … It’s Go Time!

Game 23

Rangers vs. Senators -7:00 PM MSG

I hope you all had a great weekend. Tonight is the first time Derick Brassard comes back to MSG since being traded over the summer (together with a seventh round pick) for Mika Zibanejad and a 2nd round pick. Zibanejad, of course, remains out with a broken fibula. Taking his place in the lineup as facing the Senator’s for the first time is Matt Puempel, who the Rangers claimed off of waivers from the Senators last week. Puempel scored on Friday in his first game as a Ranger.

Starting off our work week with tomorrow morning’s review will be James G. Thanks for he help, James! Clearly, this is an HAV.

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