Rangers 1, Maples Leafs 1. Then BCATHGE.

For the second game in a row, overtime ends in a wild and entertaining sequence before the game is ruined with the skills competition.

Bring back ties.

That ice was terrible and it made connecting passes difficult, but that doesn’t excuse some of the terrible passing decisions, particularly on the breakout, by the Rangers. Although that backhand pass by Zuccarello to Miller on his OT breakaway was absolute wizardry. For every bit as good as that pass was, Miller’s breakaway was bad.

HAV at it, boys. Next week we are going to have some gems from George Grimm.

I need a volunteer for a review on Saturday.

Bull Dog Line’s Best of Series: Centers Edition

Today is the last of BDL’s excellent series tracking the best Rangers from his time as a fan. Thank you for the tremendous job you have done. Without further ado, here’s BDL:

Before I get to the Centers, I just wanted to take a second to thank RR2 for getting this place up and running, and allowing me to make these small contributions. I also want to thank E3, and CCCP, for jumping in and putting new posts up when needed.
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Bull Dog Line’s Best of Series: Wingers Edition

I know some of you thought after reading this title that there would be someĀ hair/glam rock that would follow, but the wingers BDL is discussing today are the men who played along the walls from the mid 70s through the present.

We have one more post of BDL’s for the centers, and then some gems from Bonehead favorite George Grimm. Also, I could use volunteers for game reviews pretty much every single night that they play.

And now, here’s BDL’s wingers. Spoiler: he and I had some significant disagreement on this one, particularly for Gartner and Kovalev:

I was originally going to do a top 10 for both RWs, and LWs, but after discussing it a bit with RR2, I decided to combine the wings. The RWs were a much stronger group than the LWs. Coming up with 10 LWs was a bit of a stretch. So here is my combo of top 12 wingers.

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