Citi Field Likely Destination of 2018 Winter Classic…Rangers vs. Baby Buffalo?

Greetings everyone, James G here. Thought this was new post worthy on a quiet hockey day (plus I haven’t had time to contribute anything but the usual daily drivel)

Newday reported this earlier and the talk – at least for now- is that it’s likely to be a Rangers- Sabres matchup. Start saving your money…or explaining to your kids that they’ll have to attend a 2 year college.

Decisions, decisions…

Good morning, boneheads!

ilb’s here. Thought it was time for a new post. It looks like Jesper Fast is ready to come back. Who is coming out? Glass, Buchnevich? I think AV will experiment, and make his decisions based upon the opponent for the next 12 games. I always felt that Buchnevich, and his skill set, is something they need for the playoffs run. But he will not make an impact unless he is playing top 9. Can he handle tough, physically demanding playoffs hockey?

A lot of decisions to be made on defense. Girardi is coming back, so is Klein at some point. Does AV continue playing McDonagh-Staal pair going forward? And who sits? Kampfer is an easy decision, but he has done pretty well so far. Smith and Holden seem to be a lock to play mid-range minutes.

What do you think?