Rangers win 5-2

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Yesterday was my first night back on the job (I teach evenings) and by the time I got home from preaching to the willing I was tired. I knew our boys won and who scored but little else. I watched the first two periods and fell asleep before the third. I’m sure y’all have more cogent thoughts on the game. Please discuss.

25 thoughts on “Rangers win 5-2”

  1. firts!

    re-post: Watched the turnover by Gerund and the SHG again. Gonna cut him a little slack because the breakout was butchered, with two Rangers (Zibanejad and Buchnevich, I believe) within a few feet of each other and of Gerund. No way it’s designed that way. Also think about it, those three guys haven’t played a lot of PP minutes together lately.


  2. E3 – sent Doodie/RR2 a game review about an hour ago so hoping he has time to see/post so we can make this at least a QAV.


  3. Carp what did you think of Lundqvist’s play overall? Enough to get him going? Still looked fried in the postgame… From my non-hockey player eyes, I thought we played a really strong defensive game (a couple of turnovers notwithstanding) against a really talented offensive team. And I do think Girardi was strong despite a lot of commentary to the contrary. Taking care of the front of the net appropriately didn’t seem to hurt our high-powered offense.


  4. Carp – that is what it looked like to me. #4 thought #93 was going to take the drop pass and when he didnt’ he was left in nomans land as they had 3 NYR players covered by 1 Tor PKer. In retorspect, #4 sure wishes he just chipped it up the boards instead of trying to stick handle out of it. Minor hook for TOR uncalled as well.
    Also happened 3 others times in game as well; a mix of Leafs PK forwards pressing and lack of practice time or something like that.


  5. SN – solidarity. Everybody see the game on Thursday. Everybody want a friend. What we need. What we need……..Solidarity…..solidarity……

    I’ll try to post your write up if yo azz can get it to my azz. Ricardo has my email – if he’s willing to connect us together…….I’m watching the Orange Monster….


  6. Sittoo, I thought they were better around the front of the net to a fairly significant degree, but not nearly good enough in the middle 70 feet of the ice. Lot of odd-man rushes. I thought Lundqvist was quite a bit better, but still not nearly what he should be. It will probably take some time. Good first step.

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  7. JoeM – “Packers Falcons huge game Sunday. Aaron Rogers has nice thighs”

    Sam – “JT shoots and scores.”

    JoeM – “the packer line also have really big thighs”


  8. Ricardo – it’s going to take some time for Hank to regain his confidence. The way he handled that first shot was indicative of his fragile state. There were several shots that he’d normally handle blindfolded that presented a bit of drama. He seemed to be swimming a bit in the crease…..But baby steps are to be expected….


  9. coos, the big hits behind the scene thing drives me absolutely nuts … not that they miss the hits, but that with two analysts and all that replay equipment, they never revisit. Probably because they’re too busy chatting about the other team and because poor Sam has to read all those promotional things every stoppage.

    and they still cut to a closeup every single time there’s a scrum. They went to and stayed with a closeup during most of Kreider’s fight the other night.


  10. I was struck from right before the puck drop how relaxed the team appeared to be. And that appeared to play out throughout the game. They played a very consistent game, with no panic. Agree that Hank was much better. I still cringe every time he goes out to play the puck, though.


  11. Hank is a disaster with the puck. A turnover machine. He’d be better off stopping play and getting a face off. More topics than not he handcuffs a teammate or flat out gives it away.

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