54 thoughts on “Rangers 3 Kings 0 (zilch)”

  1. Good afternoon Boneheads.

    (from the end of the last post, posted in it entirety, for your reading pleasure (gf’s gone for wkd, west coast trip, made it a bonehead wkd)

    I see alot of worrying that Skjei is going to come out of the lineup. Is that genuine, or you guy just messing around about how that would be an AV thing to do. Cuz….

    There is no way Skjei is coming out of the line-up. He’s one of their most talented players and earned the right to get a shot to show what kind of playoff/big game player he is.


    find the best fits on the other side.



  2. You know what i’ve come to appreciate better now that im not as into it as past years. How f’ing awesome Ryan McDonagh is. What an unbelievable player. he really is like Scott Neidermeyer. such a thoroughbred competitor.

    Him and Stepan really do set a great tone.
    And they got it from G/Staal/Callahan/Dubi
    and equally if not more so influentual…… TORTS.


  3. Zucc, Nash, JT, Fast have since learned it. Fast all the time, JT alot of the time (unmistakenable, when he is), Zucc and Nash at times


    I see it in Vesey. I see it developing in Hayes. I wonder if Skjei has it (I think he might and not even know it yet) Need to see some of it from Zibajenad if anyone wants to confidently believe he will become the type of player he would be if he played that way.

    Dont see it consistently enough from Kreider, still. Our begrudged Power Forward.


  4. Still love the guy though. He doesnt seem to like or enjoy actually playing the hockey games, but he trys to do his job and play the way he and the teams needs to him to, for his paycheck, his teammates, and the fans. That’s why i like and respect him. He’s an interesting fellow


  5. hey coos,

    your saying those are the most bang for your bucks players on the team? or players you would move based on cost/returned value? im confused bc i see ‘to take away from this team’ but then I donuts (who is mcdonuts?)


  6. my picks would probably be between Kreider (signed for 3-4 more years), Hayes or Miller (RFA rights), or Stepan (bonafide 1b-2a center signed for 4 more years. Raanta is UFA in a year and McD in 2 I believe. Go with the players you have rights to the longest.


  7. Yeahh, Im pretty far out in left field, for sure right. 🙂 No, look, you would know much much much better than i do.

    To be more specific in what Ive sensed and was trying to say. I sense he doesnt like the way other teams and players go after him bc of the style he has to play to be effective. And bc of it, sometimes it’s not fun for him. Im sure he loves the game of hockey. Im sure he loves playing it. Im not too sure he enjoys all the stuff he gets in return for playing the game the way he has to. In that way, its part of the job.


  8. Dont forget Cosimo & Alex sister outfit next door, Boiano’s bakery.
    The Ave is popping these days, not sure why Carp hates it so much…

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  9. Carp, Sal’s pizza’s best days are behind them. Next time you’re near white plains stop in at Nicky’s on mamaroneck ave and grab a Slice of Sicilian. You won’t be disappointed


  10. Wheels are coming off in Minnesota.

    Is Boudreau on the hot seat?

    Maybe time to fire him and promote Stevens so he can be co-coaches with Adam Oates.


  11. I think Kreider will never amount to anything more than Kreider. The Enigma nothing more nothing less!


  12. Parking is worth the hassle for a Godfather at Anthony’s.
    I hear they have a new sandwhich called the Kreider, however you never know when its going to show up on the menu.

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  13. Hockey fights nowadays are pretty stupid. You’ve got two guys in helmets with face shields punching away at the other guy’s helmet. Watching Pitt/Phil and a first period fight which was “won” by the Phil guy, but I bet he got more injuries on his hands than the other guy got from taking shots on his helmet.


  14. St. Pete. I wonder how many goals the Rangers have because Kreider was providing a screen in front of the goalie.


  15. I agreed earlier Cross Check that it’s an important part of his game, but he needs to put the puck in the net consistently!


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